Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Public opinion polls show Americans support inclusion under law."

"In July 2002, the HRC Foundation commissioned the firm, Lake, Snell, Perry and Associates Inc. to conduct a national opinion poll of American voters on the subject of transgender people and related public policy issues. The poll found a surprisingly high level of familiarity with transgender people. Of those surveyed, seven in 10 said they are familiar with the term transgender, and after being read a brief definition of transgender, nine of 10 voters said they had heard of transgender people.

A plurality of voters say they are neutral toward transgender people. However, those who know a transgender person expressed more positive feelings toward them.

On public policy issues, 61 percent of those polled said that we need laws to protect transgender people from discrimination, and 68 percent said we need a federal hate crimes law that includes transgender people. Seventy-seven percent said that transgender students should be allowed to attend public schools."

Human Rights Campaign Works for Transgender Equal Rights

Information for the transgendered on rights in employment, freedom from discrimination and hate crimes, changing one's name, marriage, adoption, etc.