Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kings Village Roma 2008

"10-12 Luglio 2008, Roma, Kings Village
The first international drag king festival in Italy" ikkait

Ad makers urged to remove LGBT stereotypes

September 24, 2008


Some of the world’s biggest advertising agencies are being encouraged to call an end to any lingering lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender stereotypes, homophobia and transphobia in their ad campaigns.

The Commercial Closet Association has sent a letter to the New York branches of leading advertising agencies with the support of leading government officials and advertising industry executives.

Penned by Mike Wilke, executive director of Commercial Closet Association, it reads, “All too often, commercials use stereotypes of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people for humour, with stock homophobic and transphobic responses.

“It’s time to remove any remaining potentially harmful stereotypes that only encourage narrow-minded and discriminatory behavior, and damage business opportunities.” . . .Read More

A Crossdressing Lesson from Isis – America’s Next Top Transgender Model

September 23, 2008


As many of you know Isis is a transgender model competing in America’s next top model. She has already done incredibly well, passing through the first two rounds of the competition, despite being perilously close to being eliminated last week. (For those counting, I may be a week behind thanks to the wonders of Tivo – I’ll try and keep up with the episodes in the future).

Isis has two valuable crossdressing lessons for us from last week’s episode. The first has to do with handling yourself in the face of intolerance. One of the other girls in America’s next top model was clearly uncomfortable with Isis being transgendered. Even pushing her away during an evening when the girl’s where partying and hanging out. I was very impressed with how Isis responded – she didn’t get angry or upset, and pretty much just ignored it. . . .Read More

University of Pittsburgh Lets 'Transgender' Students Choose Their Dorm


Devon Williams

The University of Pittsburgh is revising its policies to include special protection based on "gender identity." That means "transgender" students can live in the dormitory of their choice — male or female.

So, a biological man who "identifies" as a woman will be allowed to room with a woman and use the women's showers and restrooms. The same would apply to biological women who believe themselves to be men. . . .Read More

Transsexual Turkish singer defends self in court

By Selcan Hacaoglu

September 24, 2008

ANKARA, Turkey – A transsexual singer charged with illegally criticizing mandatory military service in Turkey said in court Wednesday she would say the same thing again.

Singer Bulent Ersoy has acknowledged saying on television that if she had children she would not want them to join the army to battle Kurdish rebels who are fighting for self-rule.

“I spoke in the name of humanity. Even if I were to face execution, I would say the same thing,” the state-run Anatolia news agency quoted Ersoy as telling the court in Istanbul. . . .Read More