Monday, March 17, 2008

Breast Augmentation In Male-to-Female transsexuals

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The Difference Gender Makes


Mary and Jane don't know why they feel like women though they were born boys. Jane proffers the obviously wrong explanation that it's because they have an extra chromosome. But even the experts aren't certain about what causes gender identity disorder.

The most current (but still mysterious) explanation is that something happens to the part of the Central Nervous System responsible for gender identity in the womb. Theories that transsexuality is a mental illness or related to upbringing, social interactions and sexual experiences have largely been debunked.

Sex, the biological construct, is straightforward. Penis: boy. Vagina: girl. Gender and sexuality, on the other hand, can be confusing. And for those who fall outside patriarchal expectations of how men and women should behave, the gender journey can be difficult. . . .Read More

Oakland set for historic June primary

by Matthew S. Bajko


Victoria Kolakowski

History could be made this June in Alameda County as five LGBT candidates are vying in races for two Oakland City Council seats, a judicial post, a county central committee slot, and a state Assembly seat.

It is believed to be the largest slate of openly gay candidates to appear on a ballot in an East Bay city. And with three of the June 3 primary contests involving open seats, the candidates in those races have a fighting chance of being elected.

"I guess it is, especially in Oakland, it is historic," said longtime Hayward City Councilman Kevin Dowling. "We have three openly gay elected officials in Hayward alone. The Oakland area has a large lesbian population. . .Read More

Victoria Kolakowski

. . .for Superior Court Judge

A Judge for All of Us

Experienced and Fair

It is uncommon for the voters to have a choice for Superior Court Judge in a contested, open election. On June 3, the voters of Alameda County will have that opportunity.

Victoria Kolakowski has the experience as an administrative law judge and attorney, the demonstrated commitment to the community, and the calm demeanor needed to be a fair judge for all of us. . . .Read More

"Unraveling Michelle"

by Amanda Pacitti
Hatchet Reporter

Michelle Anne Farrell is a filmmaker. So was Joe O'Ferrell.

Arguably the most-anticipated feature-length documentary at the D.C. Independent Film Festival Monday evening, "Unraveling Michelle," (A Tough City Bitch Production), recounts the full transgender transformation of filmmaker Joe O'Ferrell into Michelle Anne Farrell - spending a worthy 85 minutes of self-conscious energy grappling with issues of authentic self-representation, personal struggle and gender identity.

And it is still in progress. . . .Read More


March 09, 2008. Hey New York women - watch out. has learned that there's some chick going around town offering booty injections for dirt cheap. Here's how the NY Post is reporting it:
A shady Atlanta businesswoman armed with a gallon jug of silicone and syringes is offering to inject women seeking "J.Lo butts" in a Manhattan hotel room - an illegal and potentially lethal cosmetic treatment.

"I need to see your butt," Kimberly Smedley told a Post reporter posing as a customer last week in a suite at the Eastgate Tower Hotel on East 39th Street.

Smedley, a heavyset woman wearing camouflage pants and fake Ugg boots, then demanded $1,600 in cash to give nine injections to each cheek. . . .Read More

When Girls Will Be Boys

March 16, 2008

It was late on a rainy fall day, and a college freshman named Rey was showing me the new tattoo on his arm. It commemorated his 500-mile hike through Europe the previous summer, which happened also to be, he said, the last time he was happy. We sat together for a while in his room talking, his tattoo of a piece with his spiky brown hair, oversize tribal earrings and very baggy jeans. He showed me a photo of himself and his girlfriend kissing, pointed out his small drum kit, a bass guitar that lay next to his rumpled clothes and towels and empty bottles of green tea, one full of dried flowers, and the ink self-portraits and drawings of nudes that he had tacked to the walls. Thick jasmine incense competed with his cigarette smoke. He changed the music on his laptop with the melancholy, slightly startled air of a college boy on his own for the first time. . . .Read More