Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pioneers Of Sex-Change Surgery

"Seth Doane travels to Trinidad, Colorado, where the first private practice for gender reassignment surgery, more commonly called "sex-changes," was begun over forty years ago." CBS

CANDLE conference brings focus on gender and sexual identity

By Ben Rubin • The Journal News • October 21, 2008

STONY POINT - "Friend of Dorothy," "butch queen," "femme," "tranny."

Avy Skolnik, from the New York City Anti-Violence Project, wrote the words on an easel pad as a group of about 20 educators called out the terms used by people in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to describe themselves.

Each of those terms was used as slurs against members of the LGBT community, then later reappropriated by the community to describe itself, Skolnik said.

Skolnik, a transgender man, led a workshop on creating safe places for transgender people and some basics about being transgender during yesterday's 16th annual CANDLE Conference for Professionals who Work with Youth.

CANDLE, which stands for Community Awareness Network for a Drug-free Life and Environment, is a local nonprofit that focuses on youth drug abuse and violence prevention.

The group hosted more than 100 teachers, school administrators, social workers and others at the Stony Point Center for workshops on bullying, gender and sexual identity, communication and technology, and youths. . . .Read More

Antony Hegarty exposes Another World with his London homecoming

Antony, the Johnsons — and the London Symphony Orchestra? It’s a dream ticket, says Stephen Dalton

October 24, 2008


Onstage at Harlem’s fabled Apollo Theatre, Antony Hegarty cuts an imposing figure. Swept along by a 20-piece orchestra, New York City’s reigning demi-monde diva sobs epic tales of operatic sorrow and romantic rapture. Draped in a magnificent cream-coloured gown, the towering singer looks like an androgynous Statue of Liberty. Obscured by shadow for much of the performance, Hegarty sways as he sings, his tremulous voice channelling the spirit of Nina Simone. A ghostly angel of Harlem.

The excitable crowd at the reassuringly shabby, surprisingly compact Apollo runs the gamut of New York boho cool. Wonky-haired art students pretend not to notice the sleaze-rock legend Lou Reed, a longtime champion of Hegarty and his chamber-pop band, the Johnsons. Intersex couples and drag queens cheer every spine-tingling note from the world’s most fêted transgender pop idol. Old songs are transformed. New tunes sound rich and magical. A brassy cover of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love is both bizarre and heartfelt.

The day after the Apollo show, Hegarty arrives in good spirits at a labyrinthine art-space-loft-thing high above downtown Manhattan. A soft-spoken gentle giant, the 37-year-old singer quakes with naughty-schoolboy mirth as he flees an aborted photo shoot on the roof terrace. The building is overlooked by the local headquarters of the FBI, so security rules are tightly enforced, especially with Barack Obama in town. . . .Read More

Baldwin praised by transsexual co-star

October 23, 2008

By Lara de Matos

His introduction to Celebville came courtesy of a Calvin Klein modelling contract in the '80s and he counts the likes of supermodel Cindy Crawford, as well as the über-sexy actress Sharon Stone, among his former co-stars.

But these days, William Baldwin's romantic inclinations lean towards the transgender sort - particularly those of the blonde, big-busted and deep-voiced variety. Well, on the small screen, anyway.

The man who once aspired to enter the legal profession has taken the TV world by storm in his latest role as the repressed poor little rich boy, Patrick Darling, in the current primetime sensation, Dirty Sexy Money.

And, as I discover upon meeting him at this year's Rome Fiction Festival, he is well aware of his star status. Apparently, modesty is a virtue lacking among the Baldwin brothers. Then again, perhaps it's simply a life lived under the constant glare of the spotlight that has led to Billy's blasé attitude towards the media, since his fellow cast members can't stop gushing about him, including his on-screen love interest, Candis "Carmelita" Cayne.

Given that William has generally come across as something of a man's man, it's surprising to learn that the Patrick-Carmelita love affair was one of his main motivations for agreeing to play the part. . . .Read More