Sunday, July 20, 2008

Charles' Take on STP Devices

"July 6, 2008. AccompliceXX did a great vlog on how to make an STP device, so I thought I would add my take on STP devices to put out there." charlesasher

Kate Bornstein Interview


Kate Bornstein is America's most storied gender outlaw, an outsider's outsider. She has been a genderqueer activist for many years, exploring gender identity literally, figuratively and theatrically. In this Eros Zine interview, she touches on a wide variety of topics, from trans sexual orientation to transgender porn of the past, from baring her soul onstage to her latest book. . . .Read More

Activist: Transgender lot needs help as they can’t get jobs

20 July 2008


KUALA LUMPUR: The Government’s offer of welfare aid to homosexuals should be extended to the Mak Nyah (transgender) instead.

Pink Triangle Foundation programme director Raymond Tai said most homosexuals were “well-to-do” as they were employed just like “normal people” and would only face discrimination if they were open about their status.

“They are not like the Mak Nyah who are physically different. The Mak Nyah do not get employed and this results in them prostituting themselves,” he said.

“They are the ones deprived of basic privileges such as education and employment, not homosexuals.” . . .Read More

Interview and New Book. . .

WCQ221 The Transgender Child

Host Alexandra Billings

This is a very special and personal show. Alex shares many aspects of her life with Amy on this Queercast, including this sweet baby pic. From quitting smoking, to living in her Republican town, but most importantly she shares her transgender story.

Guest: Author Stephanie Brill joins Amy to discuss her new book, The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. . . .Read More

China: Television programme calls transgender people "human monsters"

July 20, 2008

News Agency: TREND News

Television watchdogs were investigating after transgender people were described as "human monsters" in a Chinese language television programme, a media report said Sunday, the dpa reported.

The expression "yan yiu," which translates as "human monster," was used 23 times during a report on transgender people in Thailand broadcast by the ATV television station, the South China Morning Post said.

The expression also appeared in subtitles 28 times in the segment which lasted 11 minutes and 45 seconds.

Sam Winter, a professor at the University of Hong Kong's faculty of education and also director of Transgender ASIA Research Centre, said the use of the expression would damage Hong Kong's reputation as a cosmopolitan city.

He filed a complaint with the Broadcasting Authority and asked the television station and producers of the programme to apologize publicly to the local transgender community.

"It is unimaginable to call transgender people freaks on TV in other developed sections of the world - you won't hear the word 'nigger' on television in the US," Winter said. . . .Read More

Transgender characters from the Bible

July 19, 2008


Peterson Toscano, an American theatrical performance activist, will tonight present a piece on transgender characters un-earthed from the Bible.

Aptly named Transfigurations: Transgressing Gender In The Bible, the one-man show is about people who do not fit in the gender binary and who, in transgressing and transcending gender, find themselves at the centre of some the Bible's most important stories.

Drawing inspiration from one-on-one interviews with transgender and gender-queer individuals, Mr Toscano weaves their experiences with the stories and lives of transgender people right on the pages of the Hebrew and Christian scriptures.

Hilarious and deeply moving, he deepens well-known, and lesser-known, Bible stories as he presents an array of characters with an array of genders. . . .Read More

Police Officers Finally On Trial For Beating Transsexual Esmeray

The police officers who beat up and insulted transsexual Esmeray in June 2007 for passing by the front of the station will be tried for the crime of “simple bashing and insulting.”

Bia news center - İstanbul



The two police officers who beat up and insulted transsexual Esmeray will be tried a little more than a year later. Beyoğlu 2nd Criminal Court of Peace, where the case will be tried, has not set the hearing date yet.

According to the information Esmeray’s lawyer Meriç Eyüboğlu supplied to Bianet, the prosecutor accuses the police officers Mustafa Muhammet Çırakoğlu and Ceyhan Göven with “simple bashing and insulting.” . . .Read More