Monday, August 18, 2008

Transgender Focus on Passing

"Why is passing so important? Is it not allowing others to define who you are and who you will be?" IXTGQ

Few options for UK’s transgender children

By Viv Grskop
Monday, Aug 18, 2008

When the plight of children who don’t fit ‘the pink or blue box’ is ignored, it can lead to serious depression and suicide attempts

Should teenagers who believe they are transgender be helped to change sex? And if so, what about the four-year-olds who feel the same way?

“She was our first child,” said “Sarah,” a mother of two who lives in the south of England.

“But from age three we knew something was wrong. She was very introverted, isolated. When she started school at four she came home and said she was a freak. It seemed a strange word for a four-year-old to use. She was always quite a sad little person,” she said.

Sarah’s daughter was born and grew up as a boy. Now 19, she is far happier in a woman’s body as a post-operative transsexual. It took two years for the family to get used to calling her “she.”

Sarah said her daughter experienced her childhood as mental torture, especially during puberty.

“Looking back, we could never find any tape in the house. It was because she was taping her genitals up every day. She said to us later that she thought it would all go right for her at puberty, that her willy would drop off and she would grow breasts. She said she was going completely crazy because she knew in her head that she was a girl,” Sarah said. . . .Read More

Can Miss SA be an ex-Mr?

18 August 2008

Eagan Williamson, Beeld

Johannesburg - The organisers of the annual Miss South Africa pageant have been in crisis the past week, after a woman who had had a sex-change operation wanted to enrol in a workshop for prospective participants, and encountered a very chilly welcome.

The identity of the woman, who used to be a man, was not revealed by Sun International, which owns the pageant.

It must still be decided whether the woman may participate in the contest. . . .Read More


August 17, 2008

American Psychological Association

Gender Identity Task Force Calls for Nondiscriminatory Guidelines, Better Research and Training

BOSTON—The American Psychological Association urged psychologists today to take a leading role in ending discrimination based on gender identity, calling upon the profession to provide "appropriate, nondiscriminatory treatment to all transgender and gender-variant individuals" and encouraging more research into all aspects of gender identity and expression.

The action came at APA's Annual Convention when the association's governing Council of Representatives adopted a resolution supporting full equality for transgender and gender-variant people. The resolution also calls on APA to:

  • support legal and social recognition of transgender individuals consistent with their gender identity and expression;
  • support the provision of adequate and medically necessary treatment for transgender and gender-variant people;
  • recognize the benefit and necessity of gender transition treatments for appropriately evaluated individuals;
  • call on public and private insurers to cover these treatments.

In addition to adopting the wide-ranging resolution, the Council of Representatives received a report by APA's Task Force on Gender Identity and Gender Variance. The six-member task force spent more than two years reviewing the scientific literature, as well as APA policies regarding transgender issues. It was also charged with developing recommendations for education, professional training and further research into transgenderism, and proposing how APA can best meet the needs of psychologists and students who identify as transgender or gender-variant. . . .Read More

Simon Cowell admires 6ft drag queen’s legs!

By ANI on Monday, August 18, 2008

Music mogul Simon Cowell told 6ft drag queen, SaHHara, that she had fabulous legs.

Paying anyone a compliment is a very rare thing for the acid-tongued judge, and for the glamorous pre-op transsexual Cowell’s praise of her legs made up for the nasty comments. . . .Read More