Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stephen Bishop - It Might Be You (Tootsie Theme)

Tootsie: 25th Anniversary Edition

By Stunt Pussy

April 15, 2008

I love ‘Tootsie’. She’s like the woman we all wanna be. Even if you happen to be male. And being male just seems to be Michael Dorsey’s (Dustin Hoffman) problem in every sense. So what do you do if one gender isn’t working out for you? Dress up as a woman of course. Michael is an actor so desperate for work that he tackles the dresses and the eyebrow plucking to become Dorothy Michaels, a woman who gets the part of head nurse in a hospital soap opera.

Tootsie DVD cover

Long before Mrs Doubtfire was even a speck in the mind of Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman was toying with the idea of ‘Shirley’, a woman who, beneath all the costume and make up, is a man. A perfect reason for a man to dress up as a woman would be an out of work actor who finds the perfect job… The catch? It’s a female character. After some script rewrites, Shirley became Dorothy and ‘Tootsie’ was born, released in the US in 1982.

So clearly the plot has been given away already right? Male protagonist (man) can’t do something as a male, man dresses up a woman, man as woman makes with the funnies, man learns lessons as woman and, for the big climatic finale, man’s true identity is revealed before everyone, much to the disgust of some characters whilst betraying some others. This movie is no different. . . .Read More

Girls will be boys!

17 April 2008

There's total chaos in the world of fashion. Men and women are invading each others wardrobes and a new form of fashion is taking over androgynous clothing or the Annie Hall look. Read on
Girls have grabbed men's clothes and men have laid their hands on ladies makeup
Girls have grabbed men's clothes, with waistcoats and shirts now in their domain, men have laid their hands on ladies makeup.
Catering to this new fashion trend are brands like Mango, Tommy Hilfiger and Benetton.
An international rage, the look makes women look sexy in almost as-sexual way. It's all about wearing a thin white cotton men's shirt with sleeves rolled up, tails roughly tucked into mannish trousers! Benetton has named their new androgynous collection 'Her like Him'.
Androgyny in India
The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week also saw many fashion designers whose collections had a few garments with the androgynous touch. For instance, in Raghavendra Rathore's 'Rathore Jodhpur' collection female models wore Jodhpurs with well-structured jackets. Also, in Ashish Soni's finale show, models strutted down the ramp in men's suits. . . .Read More

Ridiculous transphobia in the Boston Globe

Alex Blaze

15 April 2008

He's not a man, this Jerry. He's not even married like I am.
--Milos from Seinfeld

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby, in true gasbag form, has decided that he knows more about transgender experiences and Gender Identity Disorder than transgender people themselves do (as well as doctors and psychologists and anyone else who's listening). So he took to his column this week to remind everyone that what it takes to be a woman is making babies and what it takes to be a man is a penis.

Jesus fucking Christ, people, it's all that simple: those bra-burning feminists, dirty queers, and confused trans-folk should give up on their movement to live freely and honestly; it's making certain pundits feel insecure. . . .Read More

Trans candidate, among others, ousted in Italian election

April 16, 2008

Alessandra Rizzo

The Roman princess didn't make it; the transgender lawmaker is out; the self-professed Fascist is in.

There are some fresh faces in the new Italian parliament and some spectacular exclusions. Communists and Socialists are out for the first time since World War II, as the number of parties represented between the two houses has gone from scores to about half a dozen.

''We are facing a profound change not just of our political system, but in our entire national history,'' the leading daily Corriere della Sera said Wednesday. . . .Read More