Wednesday, August 20, 2008

FADER TV: Andrew W.K. interviews Baby Dee Pt. 1

"Andrew W.K. interviews Baby Dee Pt. 1." TheFaderTeam

Marc Almond Baby Dee Safe Inside the Day Wiltons 28.4.2008

"Here we have Marc performing with Baby Dee live on the 1st Night of the Wiltons Shows. Marc was truely fantastic." keptboy

Baby Dee: Peace Beyond Tragedy

By Kathryn Yu

'Safe Inside the Day' by Baby Dee

Baby Dee 300
courtesy of Baby Dee

Baby Dee's voice is a force of nature, marked by dramatic outbursts and an unmistakable air of tragedy. . . ., August 20, 2008 - Transgender singer-songwriter Baby Dee has a rich, captivating, otherworldly voice. It soars majestically over mournful, sustained piano chords in "Safe Inside the Day" before retreating and returning, boldly and forcefully.

Baby Dee's resume includes stints as a harpist, a street musician and a sideshow performer, but it seems as if she'd be most comfortable in a world of her own creation, singing vaudeville. . . .Read More

Transgender Job Bank Website Launching

August 20th, 2008

by mj petroni

T-Job Bank ( is designed to connect trans-friendly and trans-positive employers with trans job seekers. Spurred by a transgender job-seeker dissatisfied with her experience of recruiters, career fairs and other mainstream job search methods, the site includes criteria for “Inclusive” and “Truly Inclusive” companies—truly inclusive is limited to companies who can be verified as having actually hired a transgendered person who was living in their perceived gender at the time of hiring. . . .Read More

‘Becoming a Man’ sets Atlanta actor free

Play about transgender ordeals enlivens 7 Stages

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

As a camp counselor in Costa Rica a few years ago, Scott Turner Schofield suffered a serious blow to the head that required a detailed medical examination and extended hospital stay. When his doctor realized the athletic young man had the body of a woman, he thought the kid was just confused.

“Son, you have a terrible brain injury,” the doctor said sternly.

After having a heart-to-heart conversation with another doctor about his quest for a sex change, Schofield was informed that Costa Rica is the cosmetic-surgery capital of Latin America. And the surgeon offered to remove his breasts on the spot. . . .Read More