Monday, March 24, 2008

Meet The Transsexuals (Recorded in 1999)

Information on transsexual living from the founder of the Transgender Support Web Site:

American author explores crossdressers and transsexuals in Get Dressed!

by Brianna Austin

March 25, 2008

Get Dresseed! book

Get Dresseed! book.

Crossdressers and Tranassexuals, although both under the transgender umbrella, are really very different things, which Gina Lance talks about in her new book entitled: Get Dressed!

Gina Lance, the Editor In Chief of, may be the most well known cross-dresser on the planet. After producing and co-hosting TV-TV for Century Cable in 1997, Gina went on to publish Hollywood TVs, a retro pin up girl calendar, and then in 1999 founded Girl Talk Magazine which became the Vogue of trans publications in ten countries.

In the last decade, Gina has been featured on MSNBC’s documentary “The Secret Closet,” ABC’s “Philly After Midnight,” MTV, Showtime, HBO, E Channel, FOX and NBC’s “To Tell The Truth,” along with hundreds of radio interviews from London to New Zealand and across North America discussing what it means to be a crossdresser. She has been keynote speaker at TG conventions such as Atlanta’s ‘Southern Comfort Conference, Arizona’s ‘Puttin’ On The Glitz’ and Arkansas’s ‘Eureka En Femme Getaway’ and also participated in the West Hollywood, California “Transgender’s in the Media” televised town hall event. . . .Read More

Transexual teen has faith in self, others

The night I heard that a cross-dressing teen had been shot and killed on Sistrunk Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, I immediately thought of Willie Litersky.

I had interviewed Willie, another cross-dressing teen, for a column about the challenges that gay and transgender kids face.

I had been so impressed with Willie's courage and self-confidence that I wrote, "When I grow up, I want to be like Willie."That was 18 months ago. When he was 15. When Willie was still Willie.

Monday, Willie turned 17, the same age as murder victim Simmie Williams Jr.

And Willie is now Niki.

"Nicholas was her middle name," Niki's mom, Linda, explained. "Niki's totally transsexual now. She's dressing as a girl all the time."

After receiving a recommendation from a therapist, Niki soon will be going to an endocrinologist. She expects to begin the hormone therapy needed to move toward eventual sexual reassignment surgery. . . .Read More

Buenos Aires legislature confers award on transsexual on Women’s Day

Buenos Aires, Mar 11, 2008 / 03:06 pm (CNA).- In order to mark International Women’s Day, the legislature of Buenos Aires decided to confer honors on twenty Argentinean women who “broke the traditional molds,” including a transsexual activist.

The transsexual activist underwent an operation in a public hospital and last year received an official ID under the name of Alejandra Portatadino. Currently she works in the law division of the Argentinean Homosexual Community. . . .Read More

Glamour queens

Anniversaries can be such a drag—and at Kit Kat Lounge, that’s not a bad thing.
November 2007

DIAMONDS NIGHTS The ladies from Kit Kat Lounge sparkle.

Forget ogling strippers or getting sweaty with hot strangers at a dance club. The new bachelorette party activity of choice is hanging out at a transsexual female–celebrity-impersonator supper club. At least that’s what Kit Kat Lounge’s Madame X (pictured, second from right) believes, considering such parties make up about 70 percent of her business. Founded in 2000 by business and life partners Ramesh Ariyanayakam and Edward Gisiger, the sleek Boystown lounge serves gourmet martinis (try the Sake-it-to-me), kicky menu items like “Just for the Halibut,” and drag from artists like Madame X, Delores Van Cartier and Sandy Solis, who perform in the aisles between tables every 20 minutes or so while pop music by Madonna, Tina Turner and Shakira plays through the swank space. . . .Read More

Thai army to introduce 'third category' for transsexuals


BANGKOK (AFP) — Thailand's military will stop branding transsexual conscripts as mentally disturbed, and will list them in a new "third category" as neither male nor female, a senior officer said Wednesday.

Thai men are required to report for the draft once they turn 21. Under the current system, transsexuals are rejected as suffering from "a mental disorder."

Gay rights groups complained that the label penalises transsexuals for the rest of their lives, because men are required to prove if they have completed their national service when they apply for jobs or bank loans.

When transsexuals submit their military rejection forms declaring they have a mental disorder, they are automatically disqualified from many jobs and mortgages. . . .Read More