Friday, November 17, 2006

greens and stones

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A case of serious regrets: MTFTM

This is a transcript of an interview with Alan Finch, an "Australian Story" from 2003, where he discusses his dissatisfaction with MTF transition and the genital surgery he obtained in his early 20s. He has now returned to a masculine gender role and hopes to have partial reconstruction surgery to approximate his former physical appearance.

the fifth estate: BECOMING AYDEN

"Changing sex. Not simple, not well understood, not consistently regulated, but here to stay and getting complicated. One Canadian clinic is carrying out 250 sex reassignments per year.

Women and men of all ages believe that identity is not as simple as what kind of genitalia they happen to be born with. In order to find their true identity, they're prepared to undergo major surgery-which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and is most often irreversible."

A Canadian television (2004) story about a young FTM's transition...and more.

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