Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George Carlin on Our Similarities

George Carlin on little things we share.

. . .if not 'THE,' then certainly one of the best comedians ever.

Love ya, George, 1937-2008.

Our favorite George Carlin one-liners


  • I typed the word Google into Google. Guess what came up? Everything.
  • You know what would be fun? To have a set of twins, name them Dumbo and Goofy and then just sit back and see how their personalities develop. I’ll bet they’d really enjoy going to school everyday.
  • I’ve never seen a homeless guy with a bottle of Gatorade.
  • In this country, alcohol is hardly ever seen as a drug problem. Instead, we think of it as more of a driving problem.
  • I don’t own any stocks or bonds. All my money is tied up in debt.
  • There are caregivers and there are caretakers, and yet the two words are not opposites. Why is this?
  • You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar.
  • I have an impersonal trainer. We meet at the gym, we don’t talk, he works out alone, and I go home.
  • Regarding the Boy Scouts, I'm very suspicious of any organization that has a handbook.
  • You know what's fun? Go to a German restaurant and insist on using chopsticks. . . .Read More
(There's one about gender there somewhere. R.A.)

India: Eunuch wins hearts on Sallu's show

Laxmi dispels myths about the transgender community

June 24, 2008

Salman with Laxmi and her friend on the set of
Salman with Laxmi and her friend on the set of "Dus Ka Dum"
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, the eunuch who made news when a documentary on her life was screened at the Mumbai Festival and television channels, will be seen as a contestant on Salman's TV show "Dus Ka Dum".

During the recording of the show, Laxmi's quick wit, humour and nakhras had everyone rolling in laughter. Laxmi dispelled some age-old myths about the transgender community. . . .Read More

Brill, Stephanie & Rachel Pepper. The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. Review by Linda Beck, Indian Valley P.L.

Brill, Stephanie & Rachel Pepper. The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals. Cleis Press. Aug. 2008. c.270p. ISBN 978-1-57344-318-0. pap. $16.95. CHILD REARING

Verdict: Libraries may own books dealing with transgender adults, but this is the only guide about raising transgender children. While the general message to parents is that “you have nothing to apologize for and nothing to be embarrassed about,” the authors make it clear that parents and families will not have it easy. Realistic and empowering. . . .Read More

Va. says groom and 'bride' deceived officials

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — The couple walked into a Norfolk courthouse on a spring day, exchanged a few words, and within 10 minutes, were seemingly husband and wife. It was an unremarkable ceremony — except that several weeks later, officials realized the shapely bride might not have been a woman.

Now authorities in Virginia, where same-sex marriages are illegal, are weighing whether to file misdemeanor charges against the couple, Antonio E. Blount, 31, and Justin L. McCain, 18. An announcement is expected this week.

A prosecutor says the decision to press charges could turn on whether the pair knowingly misled officials when they applied for a license and later, traveled to a courthouse for a ceremony. If the bride was transgender, and identified as a woman, it is unclear whether the marriage would be considered illegal.

The pair went to Newport News Circuit Court on March 24 to obtain a marriage license — McCain appearing as a woman and saying the name "Justine" before a deputy, said Newport News Circuit Court clerk Rex Davis.

McCain produced a Virginia driver's license, but a design quirk — the 'm' or 'f' for male or female appears directly against a darkened state seal — meant nobody noticed McCain's gender, Davis said. . . .Read More