Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Houston's Transgendered Cop

After serving nearly 30 years in the Houston Police Department, veteran Sgt. Oliver announced that he was becoming a she. KHOU's Ron Trevino reports on Oliver's transition.

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A Somber Singer Reveals a Different Set of Colors Offstage

February 18, 2009

LONDON — For the last few years Antony Hegarty, the ethereal torch singer of Antony and the Johnsons, has been obsessed with what he calls unconscious lines — “a line that you can’t see, a line that you don’t even know exists.” Mr. Hegarty has followed these lines creatively as much as possible, literally tracing them on paper, filling sketchbooks. Some of the results are hanging at Isis Gallery, a small second-floor space in the Fitzrovia neighborhood here, where Mr. Hegarty had his first solo show of visual art.

“The Creek” has 13 pieces, mostly large photo reproductions of his collages and drawings. The titular work uses a found image of a creek over which Mr. Hegarty has drawn black, red and green dashes, inspired, he said, by the imagined history of the pastoral scene, the inner life of the trees and rocks. . . .Read More

I'm transgender...should I tell?

by Chase on February 18, 2009

Yeah. I feel like I should be a boy, which is what makes joining this site kinda weird, because I'm not a lesbian. If I liked girls only, I would consider myself straight. Makes this site confusing to me...

Well, anyways, I'm mentally a boy. The only people who know so far are my roomate, my crew, and my neighbor friends. My mum was kinda told by my roommate, but she's pretty much the person I don't want to tell.

After my roomate kinda told, my mum agreed to have my hair cut in a boy way, something I've been asking for for a while now. I don't think it's a conicidence.

I've been concidering soon doing the whole pack-and-wrap deal...But, of course, my mum would surely notice. . .Read More

Transgendered HPD officer: I'm the same cop I've always been

February 18, 2009

by Ron Trevino / 11 News

HOUSTON—Sgt. Julia Oliver serves and protects the public. She’s been called an excellent police officer, but she’s also been called other, less-flattering things.

In 2006, Oliver, a 27-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, announced that he was becoming a she.

A lot has happened since then.

At the age of 16, Oliver – then called Jack – said she saw herself as a woman.

Ever since she can remember, she said she’s considered herself a female trapped in a man’s body.

“I just didn’t think it was right for me not to be able to be who I am,” Oliver said. . . .Read More

Transsexual wife 'exercised' her elderly husband to death

By Daily Mail Reporter
16 February 2009

A transsexual woman has admitted exercising her 73-year-old husband to death in a swimming pool by repeatedly refusing to let him leave the water.

Surveillance video showed Christine Newton-John, 41, pulling James Mason around the pool by his arms and legs.

But Newton-John, who used to be John Vallandingham before a sex change operation in 1993, stopped her husband from leaving the water 43 times.

The tape showed Mr Mason resting his head on the side of the pool several times while gasping for breath.

'The video is bone-chilling. The whole case is very sinister,' said police chief Joseph Stehlik. . . .Read More