Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Houston Texas Transgender Center news clip

This is a news clip on the Houston, Texas Transgender Center. It is a very well done story, they even got all the pronouns correct and everything! If you are in Texas or thinking about moving to Texas and are transgender you should watch this video.

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Tiaras at Thai transsexual beauty contest

May 2009


PATTAYA, Thailand (AFP) — Resplendent in a figure-hugging grey and black dress, Sorrawee Nattee wept tears of joy after being crowned Thailand's most beautiful transsexual at a unique pageant.

Sorrawee took the top prize at Miss Tiffany's Universe 2009 in the beach resort of Pattaya, beating off 29 other transsexuals and receiving a small Honda car, and 100,000 baht (2,860 dollars) in cash on Friday night.

"I'm very excited," the willowy 20-year-old from Thailand's southern Songkhla province said, touching the glimmering winner's crown with disbelieving fingers.

She appeared overwhelmed by hordes of photographers, camera crews and well-wishers, the scene played out before a live television audience of 15 million people.

In a nation obsessed with beauty pageants and famous for its sexual tolerance, this elaborate contest is taken every bit as seriously as the more traditional competitions. . . .Read More

Trans fact

When a person in the center of a media maelstrom has had a sex change, is it fair game for the press?

by ADAM REILLY | May 20, 2009

Aiden Quinn used to be a woman. Now he's a man. It's a titillating detail — but is it news?

Quinn, you'll likely recall, is the 24-year-old subway driver from Attleboro who — moments after text-messaging his girlfriend on the evening of May 8 — crashed a Green Line train into another near the MBTA's Government Center stop, injuring roughly 50 passengers and causing an estimated $9.6 million in damages. The accident dominated the Boston news for days and prompted the announcement, on May 13, of a no-cell-phones policy for the T's drivers; it also led to Quinn's firing.

Given Quinn's admission that he was, in fact, texting prior to the accident, there's a general consensus that he's a dumbass. But there's no such agreement among the Boston media as to whether his switch from identifying as a woman to a man was germane to the larger story. . . .Read More

Nebraska Parents Allow Biological Son, 8, to Live as the Girl She Says She Is

by Kilian Melloy
EDGE Staff Reporter
May 18, 2009

Parents of an 8-year-old transgendered child who insists on her gender identity despite her male physiology have decided that it’s in their child’s best interests to allow her to live as a girl.

The decision means removing the child from Catholic school, where the issue of the child--now free to live as "Katie," rather than "Ben"--being transgendered was regarded as "unfair" to ask others to accept.

The move also pre-empts potential acts of aggression from Katie, who, reported a May 16 story in the Omaha World-Herald spat at a classmate who called her a "boy."

In an example of Katie’s artwork, a picture shows Katie being called a boy by another child; the legend reads, "I feel angry when..."
. . .Read More