Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Transgender: Feminine positioning of hands and feet

"A video for MTFs about achieving a better feminine presentation" Aragonpr

Gender diversity: A Transsexual Woman’s view of Sexism

20 November 2008

An interview with Julia Serano

by Debbie Rasmussen


The rising visibility of trans, intersex, and genderqueer movements has led feminists—and, to a lesser extent, the rest of the world—to an increasing awareness that m and f are only the beginning of the story of gender identity. With the release of Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity, Julia Serano offers a perspective sorely needed, but up until now rarely heard: a transfeminine critique of both feminist and mainstream understandings of gender.

As someone who has lived, at various points in her life, as male, genderqueer, and female, Serano brings unique insights to discussions of sexism and misogyny. In Whipping Girl, she weaves theoretical arguments through her compelling essays and manifestos in an attempt to bridge the gap between biological and social perspectives on gender, and calls our attention to the need for empowering femininity itself. In the process, she takes feminist and queer communities to task for dismissing male-to-female transsexuals while celebrating their counterparts on the female-to-male spectrum. . . .Read More

Discovery of a "Transsexual Gene" Raises More Questions Than Answers

New research suggests transsexualism is indeed a genetic trait. But how conclusive is the study?

By Julia Wallace


Is Transsexualism Genetic? : New research suggests transsexualism is likely biological. iStockphoto

A few weeks ago, Hanna Rosin's wrenching and well-researched article about young transsexuals—including a girl named Bridget (née Brandon), whose first words were "I like your high heels"—zipped around the blogosphere. In it, Rosin discusses the unsettling work of a psychiatrist who questions the scientific basis for allowing children to "transition" to the gender of their choice, citing several kids who emerged from their gender dysphoria after a rigorous course of therapy. "If a 5-year-old black kid came into the clinic and said he wanted to be white, would we endorse that?" he asks. The prospect of letting pre-pubescent pipsqueaks take hormone-blockers that might have far-reaching effects on their health and future fertility is indeed a little nerve-wracking. . . .Read More

Fixing a transsexual gender bias

November 19 2008


Swedish authorities have agreed to give transsexual men free prosthetic penises.

Female to male transsexuals will be allowed prosthetic penises fitted by a plastic surgeon at no cost, but some have complained because the organs on offer aren't capable of erections.

Sexologist Cecilia Dhejne said: "It's pretty strange to approve prosthetics that can't get erect because that is, after all, what penises do - get erections. It would be appropriate to pay for those as well." . . .Read More