Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Ballad of Sarah Palin

"The Ballad of Sarah Palin Song Written, Directed, and Performed by Mason Storm
Produced by Warpedcorp."   WarpedCorp

Michelle Obama Stands Up For Transgender "Rights" And Attacks Sarah Palin

9 September 2008
by Mr. Grey Ghost

What to do if you're a liberal elitist suddenly finding your hubby behind in the presidential polls? Speak to the gay elite in sunny California and join the rest of the loony wing in going after Sarah Palin:

Obama then took the podium, and told the crowd how her daughters, Malia and Sasha, met the pop group the Jonas Brothers at the “Ellen” taping. The daughters were not present at either fund raiser.

Obama then moved on to politics, where she first brought up her husband’s vice-presidential choice. “I think it was a really good pick—Senator Joe Biden,” she said, and later added, “People say they have amazing chemistry, and it’s true.”

Obama continued with talk about Biden when she said, “What you learn about Barack from his choice is that he’s not afraid of smart people.” The crowd softly chuckled. . . .Read More

High court blocks transgender referendum

September 8, 2008

by Bailey Quinonez

Staff Writer

Maryland's highest court, the Court of Appeals, blocked a referendum on Tuesday, Sept. 9, that would have led to a vote asking to overturn Montgomery County's transgender anti-discrimination law.

The law, set to have taken effect in February, was blocked after religious and conservative groups petitioned for a referendum. Tuesday's decision by the Court of Appeals reverses a lower court ruling that sided with opponents and puts the law into effect immediately.

The dispute between the supporters and local religious and conservative groups erupted after a unanimous vote by the County Council in November 2007 when County Executive Isiah Leggett signed the bill. Opponents circulated a controversial petition earlier this year for a referendum for November 2008. 

Equality Maryland, a gay and transgender rights group, alleged that the Board of Elections improperly submitted 26,000 signatures and miscalculated the number of signatures needed to bring the law to referendum. . . .Read More

Transgender Dancer's Hard Road to Love

Portraits of Young People in a Changing China
New America Media, Personal voice/Photo essay, Huang Ping - as told to Rian Dundon, Sep 09, 2008 

Editor's Note: As the glamour of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing fades, NAM takes a post-Olympic look at the country and the real lives of people there. Photographer Rian Dundon captured images and crafted intimate portraits of the lives of young Chinese men and women in a changing society. In the third in a series, Dundon profiles 20-year-old Huang Ping, a transgender dancer who worked at Changsha’s first gay bar, the Night Cat, for three years until it was recently shut down.

His coworkers there were mostly gay and transgender migrants—transient performers floating between different bars and clubs throughout the country. Like many gay bars in China, it featured a nightly variety show with acts that ranged from traditional Chinese opera to more explicit striptease. Since homosexuality was decriminalized in China in 1997, it has seen greater acceptance in large cities like Changsha.

CHANGSHA, China—My mother had always wanted a girl, so even as I grew inside her stomach she hoped that I would come out female. When she finally gave birth to me and realized I was a boy she decided to raise me as a girl anyway by dressing me in female clothes. Then, when I turned 2, my parents divorced and the judge gave my mother custody of my brother and sent me to live with my father. My father later married again, and I’ve only met my mom five times since the divorce. I didn’t know my mother’s phone number for a long time, but in the last year I have gotten back in touch with her, and now we talk by phone. . . .Read More