Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Transgender Reality Show Contestants - Tyra (Part 1)

The Tyra Banks Show - ''Transgender reality-show contestants'' (Recorded Mar 30, 2009, WWOR). Former "Top Model" Isis talks about her sexual reassignment surgery -- and gets the surprise of her life! Plus, the latest "ANTM" castoffs.

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Lake Worth hires transgender city manager

John Bachman

7 April 2009

At her last job she was hired as a man and fired when he was about to get a sex change. Lake Worth is looking past the transgender controversy and hiring Susan Stanton as its city manager.

Lake Worth Florida is a city known for being progressive and tolerant. So when you ask the locals about their new city manager, Susan Stanton, who used to be a man named Steve Stanton, you get reactions like these.

"How about just let everybody live, let's keep going and let her do the job and worry about not looking under everybody's bed," said Lake Worth resident Steve Saulsberg. . . .Read More

A Small Colorado Town Becomes "Capital of Transsexuals" And Houston Hears About It

By Olivia Flores Alvarez

April 6, 2009

More than three years ago cinematographer/director PJ Raval heard about a small town in Colorado that was "the sex change capital of America." Intrigued, he contacted the doctor, herself a transsexual woman, and began a conversation that resulted in a two-and-a-half year film project, Trinidad.

"I had never heard of this town," Raval told Hair Balls after a Saturday night screening here in town. "Then I read a couple of articles saying it was a town of transsexuals with an abnormal amount of large women's stores. I thought, 'That sounds crazy, I gotta go check it out.'"

When he got there Raval didn't find any super-sized stores, but he did find three post-operative transsexual women, all in their fifties and each with a different experience living in Trinidad. Marci is the doctor currently responsible for the town's "sex change capital" title (she does an average of six gender-reassignment surgeries a week, more than anywhere else in the U.S.). She's integrated well into the local community and has a female partner. . . .Read More

Unequal funding for gender reassignment surgeries

Not all transsexuals are created equal -- at least not in B.C. Male-to-female transsexuals -- those born with male bodies who identify as women -- can have genital surgery paid for by the health care system.

But female-to-male transsexuals -- those born with female bodies who identify as men -- have been cut off from Medical Services Plan coverage for nearly 15 years when it comes to construction of a male genitalia.

Alberta covers the complicated process of creating a penis, and Ontario has recently reinstated its coverage. But in B.C., "there is no consideration of that that I'm aware of," Health Minister George Abbott recently told Canwest News Service. He says the procedure has a "high failure rate" and "the best clinical medical advice is that to fund a high-risk procedure of that character may not wise."

Nor is Abbott aware that anyone has made a request for the province to reconsider Medical Service Plan (MSP) coverage for phalloplasty. "Were someone to tender such a request, like all other proposals, we would look at it. . . . And we would attempt, as we have to this point, to engage the best medical expertise possible." . . .Read More