Monday, May 04, 2009

3x ftm

This is a story of 3 Korean FTMs (Female Toward Male) who struggle
to have their true lives.


This documentary portrays the diversity within FTM transgenders
in South Korea through the experiences and life of three

Each individual has different processes of identification
and diverse reasons why he wants to be an FTM, or has no other
choice but to undergo FTM surgery: H has always wanted to be a
man with physical power and tough behaviour from his childhood;
K has been always confused with who he is, ever uncomfortable
with and unfit for any gender role and only recently found who he
has been since learning about transgender; finally, J, who met a
girlfriend at a lesbian community, decided to be a man for a better
career and to satisfy his girlfriends demands.

This documentary also tries to encourage each of them to affirm
their sexuality over the binarism of gender which is clearly divided
into male and female. For non-transgendered individuals, it can be
an opportunity to discover and expand their own perceptions of
diverse sexuality.

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Sex change Army hero Jan to become Scotland's first 'transgender' police officer

By Miles Goslett

May 2, 2009

A paratrooper who underwent a sex-change operation has been accepted by the police as a trainee woman constable.

Jan Hamilton, formerly Captain Ian Hamilton, quit the Army in 2007 after 20 years’ decorated service and embarked on a full gender reassignment programme.

Now living in Glasgow, she has been accepted by Strathclyde Police to begin two years’ probationary training, making her Scotland’s first transgender police officer.

A source said that Miss Hamilton, 44, had ‘sailed through’ the initial six-month selection process: ‘Jan Hamilton scored highly in the written tests and had no problem with the fitness tests.

'She completed the mile-and-a-half run in about 11 minutes, even though women are allowed to take up to 16.’ . . .Read More

'Etiquette guide' for Thai monks

April 27, 2009

BBC News

A Buddhist preacher in Thailand has announced plans for new guidelines aimed at curbing the flamboyant behaviour of gay and transgender monks.

The "good manners" curriculum - the country's first - is being introduced in the northern province of Chiang Rai.

The senior monk told the BBC he was particularly concerned by effeminate activities among novices such as the wearing of make-up and tight robes.

More than 90% of the Thai population are followers of Buddhism. . . .Read More

Margaret Cho geared up for 'Dead'

4 May 2009

By Lisa Respers France

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Comedienne Margaret Cho knows a great deal about Hollywood's obsession with body image.

The once-zaftig actress is co-starring in a new series for Lifetime titled "Drop Dead Diva" about a brilliant plus-size attorney who finds her body inhabited by the soul of a shallow wannabe model.

The Sony Pictures Television-produced show debuts July 12 and stars Broadway actress Brooke Elliott as lawyer Jane Bingum.

Cho plays Bingum's gal Friday, Terri, and it's a more serious role than fans might expect of Cho, known for her irreverent, and often political, humor.

She recently spoke with CNN about her new project, how President Obama helped inspire her upcoming music album (seriously, she really does have a music album coming out) and why some folks in the gay community are a little peeved with her.

CNN: What drew you to this particular character in "Drop Dead Diva"?

Margaret Cho: I thought, what a wonderful part. To me, it's kind of like Moneypenny in James Bond. [My character] gives Jane all of her assignments and gets her on track with this amnesia story that she gives her. . . .Read More