Wednesday, July 16, 2008


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'I'm mistaken for a man every day'

The beguiling combination of kd lang's androgynous looks and sensuous voice propelled her to fame in the 90s but, asks Emine Saner, does she want her first collection of new songs in eight years to put her back at the top of the charts?

Wednesday July 16, 2008
The Guardian

kd Lang. Photograph: Sean Smith
kd lang ... 'I love getting older'. Photograph: Sean Smith

For a while, in the 90s, it felt as if kd lang was everywhere. Then she was nowhere. Today, she's here, in a hotel room in Cologne, halfway through a European tour of her first album of original songs in eight years. Gone are the model groupies, celebrity friends and media circus. She is older, wiser, more settled. A reincarnation, if you like. . . .Read More

Young Teens Openly Express Sexuality; LGBT Pre-Teens Proud, Not Safe

Many Middle Schools Don't Have Policies to Safeguard Against Anti-Gay Bullies


July 16, 2008

Sean has felt since the age of 2 or 3 that he was a boy in a girl's body. Telling his parents at age 11 was difficult but coming out as transgender among his seventh-grade classmates was like walking into a lion's den.

When Sean first shared his sexuality with his mother, "She didn't take it well," he said. "She cried for about a week, but then went on the Internet and understood it better."

About a month before Sarah's "transition" to Sean, his mother informed school officials, but no one told teachers or students.

"One day I was Sarah with female pronouns and Monday I was Sean with male pronouns, without any explanation," said Sean, a pseudonym for the central New Jersey teen who wants a fresh start in high school this fall.

"I was bullied every day, shoved into lockers, beaten up and made fun of," said the 14-year-old. "The teachers were standing right there, saying nothing or just not aware of it." . . .Read More

Transsexual Tilapia?

By Ylan Mui | July 16, 2008

Ylan Mui

I know what you're thinking already. It sounds totally insane. But the tilapia you eat very likely has gone through a sex change.

Let me explain: When we began working on our story about Whole Foods' new farmed seafood standards, one bullet point caught our eye: No Methyl testosterone for sex reversal.

As it turns out, farm-raised tilapia is typically given testosterone in their food when they're very small, for the first 35-40 days of feeding, Whole Foods seafood quality standards coordinator Carrie Brownstein told me. Any fish that were on the path to a womanly fishhood change course to become strapping male tilapia instead, turning the pond into one big fishy frat party. . . .Read More

Looking Back: Tula Interviewed, Part 1


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