Monday, July 28, 2008

Meghan Stabler at HRC's 2008 San Francisco Dinner

"HRC Business Council member Meghan Stabler speaks at HRC's 2008 San Francisco Dinner" hrcmedia

P. Diddy Casts Transsexual "Assistant"


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Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' new reality show is documenting his search for a new assistant and the rapper and entrepreneur has cast a transsexual as one of the contestants for the position.

On the new show, which premieres on VH1 next week, gorgeous transsexual Laverne Cox competes with other contestants to become P. Diddy's new assistant. . . .Read More and View Promo Video

Chinese to check athletes' genders in sex-change crackdown at Beijing Olympics

BEN ENGLISH | July 27, 2008

THE CHINESE have left nothing to chance - not even cross-dressing Olympic gender cheats.

Beijing has set up a sex determination lab to test female Olympic athletes they suspect are men.

"Suspect athletes will be evaluated from their external appearances by experts and undergo blood tests to examine their sex hormones, genes and chromosomes for sex determination," said Union Medical College Hospital's Professor Tian Qinjie.

"Initial test results would be available in three days, while an official result takes seven days.''

Prof Tian said the test aims to maintain fairness of the Games, and to rule out inaccurate test results.

Experts say test results for about one in 500 to 600 athletes are abnormal. . . .Read More

Trans Formed: To Be Homeless & Transgender

By Lydie Raschka

July 28, 2008

The night my church opened its 10-bed homeless shelter for 18-to-24-year-olds, I volunteered to supervise them. A novice to any kind of shelter experience, I was nervous as I dragged my red cart with pillow and blanket to the church, and grateful that Mina, an elegant, 70-something social worker, also would be there.

Six young people arrived in a clump at 10 p.m., clutching pillows and belongings and, in one case, a teddy bear. They came from Sylvia's Place, an overcrowded downtown shelter. One woman, wearing a do-rag under a baseball cap, surprised me with a quick hug. In the coming months, she would outline the danger she felt in our relatively safe-seeming Manhattan neighborhood, how every time she walked outside she'd hear some comment, how she was hit in the face just waiting for the bus. . . .Read More

The transgender story

Malcolm Venable

Jul 08

Oh boy, your calls and emails on the story about transgender people pumping with

Before I go on, a few disclaimers:

- the ability to comment on that story was turned off (not by me) because some of you, in short, can't be trusted to express yourself without resorting to hate speech. (A whole nother topic, trust me.)

- the point of this post is not an attempt to open up this space for comments; you may, of course, but be aware that they'll be promptly deleted or turned off if your comments are ugly. It's sad that some of you don't even know you're being the very face of evil, but anyway.

This post is simply to explain the story, to address your here we go.

I think the main point of the article for me, which I guess could fairly be called an expose, was to expose a part of life here few of us knew existed. There was no agenda to make you feel sympathy, nor to convert you or your children to homosexuality and gender confusion as some of your ineloquent phone calls suggest.

We all live in the same physical space yet occupy so many vastly different worlds, and I find that fascinating, and that was that. . . .Read More