Friday, September 28, 2007

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Sex-change kid becomes model

CUTE blonde Kim – who as a German BOY in 2004 became the world’s youngest person to start hormone treatment for a sex-change – makes her debut as a model.

Now 14, Kim has been signed up to do a photo shoot for Unisex, a German chain of hair salons.

Eventually Kim will have a full op to turn her permanently into a female.

Unisex boss Giuseppe Pino Galanti said: “She’s a natural.”

Readers comments:

Sex-change kid becomes model

WTF? What kind of person would give a treatment like that to a 14 year old? i mean they are still young and may just regret it when there 18. the world has gone completly crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted_by: magik
Sex-change kid becomes model

She's a very pretty girl, I wish I looked that good and I was born female!!! I wish her all the luck!
Posted_by: traceyj64
Sex-change kid becomes model

Magik, what gives you the right to say that. How do we know the agony that poor kid went through and many many other people that suffer the same torment, the sooner people accept people as human be ...
Posted_by: MercGirl
Sex-change kid becomes model

no ones disputing the fact that some people feel they are born into the wrong body,they were right in the fact that this person is still a child and there may be a possibility that he may change his m ...
Posted_by: vivienne
Sex-change kid becomes model

A marvellous oppurtunity for this girl, but i think she is still to young to be given hormones. She as others have said may change her mind, anyway i wish well for her future,
Posted_by: gungirl
Sex-change kid becomes model

Totally fooled me. I'd never see her and think she used to be a boy.
Posted_by: bear1
Sex-change kid becomes model

Traceyj64 dont put yourself down, beauty is only skin deep, i bet your lovely inside [where it matters]..ok shes pretty, but i hope shes happy now, THATS wat matters to HER, WE CANT JUDGE [but we d ...
Posted_by: littlesod
Sex-change kid becomes model

I'm Transsexual and I can tell you for a fact she is way better off at that age starting with hormones then in later in life ... BTW we know at a Very Young age that we are transsexual ... I knew ...
Posted_by: NikkiLaVey

Three mix it up in FX transsexual pilot

By Kimberly Nordyke and Nellie Andreeva

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Joseph Fiennes, Blythe Danner and Robert Wagner have been cast in U.S. cable channel FX's transsexual drama pilot.

The untitled project, formerly known as "4 oz.", centres on a family man named Bob (Fiennes) who decides to get a sex change. Danner and Wagner will play Bob's parents, Bunny and Scotch. The roles of Bob's wife and kids have yet to be cast.

The pilot comes from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, respectively the creator and a writer/producer on FX's "Nip/Tuck". Production will begin at the end of October, with Murphy directing.

Fiennes recently appeared on the big screen in "Running With Scissors". Danner won two Emmys for her role on Showtime's "Huff". Wagner recently guest-starred on CBS' "Two and a Half Men" and AMC's "Hustle".

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

She's a Boy I Knew


Denise Sheppard

Gwen Haworth says there were no stories of successful transitions when she was coming out as trans. She hopes her new film will help fill that void.

At the age when most small children are thinking about their first day of school and how to ride a bike, Gwen Haworth (who at the time was a young boy named Steven) knew that her gender identity was awry.

It was a secret she kept to herself for more than two decades.

"I've been aware of this since I was four," says Haworth. "That meant 23 years of keeping this secret hidden, 23 years of self-hate and internalized transphobia."

The frustration in her words is palpable, but the softness in her spirit resonates peace above and beyond all other emotions.

Know this: this is no queer tragedy. In fact, Haworth's story is inspiring and worth celebrating, and even comes complete with a happy ending.

The 'ending' however is really just another beginning —Haworth's anticipated film debut called She's a Boy I Knew: Gwen's DIY feature transgender documentary.

Haworth's first- and second-person account of her evolutionary journey pre- and post-transition is something that should be required viewing in every school, at every PFLAG meeting, heck, at every prenatal class out there.

Haworth, now an East Van-based dyke filmmaker, takes on a host of brave topics in front of the camera, asking difficult questions not just of herself, but also of her parents, her siblings, her ex-wife (whom she married while still identifying as a man) and her dearest friends. The candor and bravery of her family members results in both touching and deeply honest vignettes that will resonate with all who watch it. . .