Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Vietnamese youth fashion blurs gender lines


by Bach Lien

HA NOI — In the past year, it seems beauty standards in Viet Nam have received a makeover. In urban areas, men are increasingly playing with earrings, hair dye and shirt styles and fabrics, while women are cropping their hair shorter and donning more "masculine" attire. And the trend is most prevalent amongst the young.

In unisex fashion clothing for men and women can draw from the same materials. Unisex watches lack the bulk associated with watches geared for men or the ornate, delicate features often found on watches marketed for women. Unisex haircuts mean anything goes. Girls can wear skirts layered over pants. Men wear long necklaces with pendants and carry handbags. . . .Read More

Transsexual soldier to enter Big Brother house

By Lucy Cockcroft


A former soldier who became the first Army officer to have full gender reassignment surgery has been lined up to appear as a contestant on Big Brother this summer.

Jan Hamilton used to be known as Ian, a 16 stone captain in the Parachute Regiment, and even served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The 43-year-old transsexual has already appeared in a television documentary which charted her change from a man into a woman.

The five-month process included surgery to give her feminine facial features and breasts.

Now Channel 4 executives are finalising a deal to bring her in as a house mate on the ninth series of the controversial 13-week reality show.

A source said: “There isn’t much that Jan hasn’t overcome in life.

“She is a real trooper. Combat, prejudice, life-changing surgery - nothing seems to faze her. “But the big brother cameras could be her toughest test ever.” . . . .Read More

Spotlight shines on drag show in University Room on Friday

Briana Hernandez


t was the first time SJSU student Candace Christian had ever been to a show where the main attraction was men dressed as women and vice versa. She said, however, it may not be her last.

"It was great," said Christian, a junior social work major. "A lot of laughs. It was new."

Christian and others attended QTIP's, or Queers Thoughtfully Interrupting Prejudice, first ever Drag Show on Friday evening in the University Room where SJSU students, along with local performers, put on a show in order to raise money for the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender club.

While Christian went to support her friends who performed, she stayed for the entire show.

"My favorite part," she said, "was how everyone took the time to really dress up, and some, I didn't even know if they were a girl or a guy.". . .Read More

POV, Critique, Opinion: Oregon's "Pregnant Man" Hoax

Right in a Left World

March 31, 2008

News out of Bend, Oregon is that male resident, Thomas Beatie, is 22 weeks pregnant. Articles have been written and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show is scheduled. Looking closer, news of a Pregnant “Man” is just a myth.

Thomas Beatie, the Bend, Oregon man making news as a “Pregnant Man” was born Tracy LaGondino, a woman, 34 years ago. Tracy was a lesbian who fought for the right of gay couples to adopt children and against hate crimes in Hawaii, before moving to Bend 2 years ago.

Tracy fell in love with another woman, Nancy Roberts in Hawaii and they desired to be married, strictly against even Hawaii’s liberal laws.

Tracy decided she should obtain a sex change because Hawaii's laws did not support same sex marriage. She underwent a double radical mastectomy and began hormone therapy to change her gender to that of a male, but keeping her female reproductive organs. . . .Read More