Sunday, August 03, 2008

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Transgender Teen's Murder Suspect Snapped

Man Who Said He Killed Colo. Teen He Thought Was a Woman Could Face Hate Charge

August 3, 2008


A man accused in the beating death of a transgender teenager he met online snapped when he learned in person that the 18-year-old living as a woman had male sex organs, authorities in Colorado said Wednesday. Allen Ray Andrade, 32, is currently charged with second-degree murder in the death of Angie Zapata, who was born Justin Zapata but lived as a young woman. Andrade is being held without bond. It was unclear whether he has hired an attorney. . . .


This is a sad story. Being gay, I've known some transsexuals. I'm not sexually attracted to them, but some are by nature very feminine. But no matter how female they feel themselves to be, these stories must remind them that if they have male junk between their legs, or used to have male junk, it really is fair and safe to let men know. There is no excuse for hitting anyone else for any reason save self defense. But many men apparently just can't handle it for whatever reason. And therefore it is too dangerous, and really not ethical to deceive others.In my 50 years, the first 30 living closeted in the church world, I have heard a lot of "sinful desires". There are "straight" men who have said that they really wish they had a beautiful, feminine, woman as their spouse/girl, but when alone and intimate, these men would love to find male equipment. So there are men who like "chix with dix". I tell them, "They are out there looking for love too, go find them." Same advice to transsexuals, there are men who would absolutely be thrilled with what you have to offer. With the internet, you can find accepting prospects. Please be safe. Being a transsexual and those attracted to transsexuals puts you in a closet, and living in the closet SUCKS. Avoid Jerry Springer moments or worse.

Transgender protections trigger backlash, referendum

Group seeks to repeal county's law at ballot box

August 2, 2008

by Amanda Erickson

WASHINGTON — Maryanne Arnow has learned not to cringe at the stares and whispers that follow her whenever she leaves her house.

Arnow, 42 and a resident of Montgomery County in Maryland, was born male. But on her birthday five years ago, she said, she realized she didn't fit in her own skin, and she began transitioning that day. Now living as a woman, she wears make-up and dresses, paints her toenails and worries about how her long hair looks.

She also struggles to pay her bills, because she can't find a job. She said she was fired by the country club where she cooked when her bosses found out she was switching her gender, and now no one will hire her. "Everyone is worried what the other employees will think," she said. "It's just sad."

The lawmakers of Montgomery County, a wealthy and generally liberal enclave outside Washington, D.C., responded to such stories by enacting a measure earlier this year that forbids discrimination based on gender identity. Thirteen states and about 90 municipalities have similar protections, including Illinois, which passed its law in 2005. Chicago has had a similar policy in place since 2002. . . .Read More

Colorado 'transgender panic' killing to be tried as hate crime

August 1, 2008

by Nick Langewis

A 32-year-old man has confessed to the killing of 18-year-old transgender woman Angie Zapata, n'e Justin, after being arrested about 50 miles away from the murder scene.

Police in Thornton, Colorado arrested Allen Ray Andrade in his neighborhood after responding to a noise complaint early Wednesday morning and finding him in Zapata's stolen car. Andrade now faces charges of first-degree murder as a hate crime, identity theft and aggravated motor vehicle theft, and is being held without bond. It will be the first murder in Weld County to be prosecuted as a hate crime. . . .Read More