Thursday, August 14, 2008

Transsexual / Transgender Spouses - Embracing Hope, an interview

"If there is just one of these videos that you watch, it should be this one. I interview Randi and Shellie from Phoenix, Arizona. Randi just recently transitioned successfully from male to female while on the job, and her relationship with her spouse Shellie has withstood the test of time. Shellie and Randi explain some of those reasons, and they encourage anyone who is transgendered / transsexual, or is a friend, family member,or spouse of someone who is transgendered, that they can hold on to hope and overcome the trials that come your way." lorisrevival


by Mister Marcus 8.14.2008

Yes, from Left to Right, that's Scott Brogan, Jay Harcourt and Ray MacKenzie performing at Marlena's last Saturday, Aug. 9th. Don't you just love those polka dot dresses?

The line outside of Marlena's bar stretched almost half a block last Saturday night, August 9, obviously because the word was out that several local leather titleholders would be performing in drag. A busload of tourists from Sacramento was lamenting the fact that the bar was filled to capacity and as one or two people left, only one or two people were admitted.

Now most of you who know me well are aware that I am not exactly a big fan of drag, but I can appreciate the expensive gowns, the outrageous hairdos, the dazzling jewelry, and the lip-synching expertise of most drag entertainers. . . .Read More


August 13, 2008


Court to Weigh Transgender Law

Maryland's highest court has agreed to hear a case involving a referendum on Montgomery County's new transgender rights law.

The Court of Appeals will determine whether voters are asked in November to keep or throw out the law that provides protections for transgender individuals in housing, employment and public accommodations. . . .Read More

Transtheatre comes to Saint John

The Silicone Diaries hit the stage at Theatre on the Edge Festival

August 14, 2008

A famous transsexual is coming to town.

Wrapping up their Theatre on Edge Festival, the Saint John Theatre Company in partnership with Port City Rainbow Pride, is premiering The Silicone Diaries, a one-woman tour-de-force written and performed by well-known author, actress and transsexual Nina Arsenault.

"I first became aware of Nina through her media work," says the company's Artistic Director Stephen Tobias. "I read her series from Fab Magazine, and the articles are funny, sad, compelling, and intriguing. They offer insights into a world that few of us encounter or understand."

Arsenault's honesty and candidness is part of her charm. . . .Read More