Friday, August 21, 2009

A Husband's Transformation Into A Woman

A 7/21/2009 feature ( from ABC News' Primetime on transgender woman Chloe Prince's transition from male to female.

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This Boy's Life: Being Transsexual in Kuwait

August 14, 2009

By Sahar Moussa

Gharam' means passion in Arabic and Gharam is what this young Kuwaiti male- to-female transsexual likes to be called. The first impression you get when sitting with Gharam is confusion. He is tall and thin with short, straight black hair, an obvious nose job and full lips and cheeks. You can see his well-shaped, wide eyes sparkle under the blue contact lenses and clean eyebrows. You cannot help but notice his soft skin and hairless arms under his navy blue t-shirt and his well-defined, lean body under the tight, white, low-waisted jeans. His smiles and gestures are exaggerated, showing off his well-manicured nails, fake dimples and perfect white teeth. . . .Read More

Underground but loud

20 August 2009

by Do Tuan

The increasing popularity of homosexual beauty contests has raised eyebrows, with people asking whether or not such events are legal.

A week doesn’t go by without a beauty pageant or fashion show making headlines in Ho Chi Minh City.

Publicity magnets, these events have launched the careers of several of Vietnam’s most successful models, actresses and singers.

But as the times change, so have the beauty contests and fashion shows, as some of the most popular pageants are now for homosexuals and teenage girls while the catwalks have become crowded with transsexuals. Many of these events are unlicensed, but they’ve been growing in popularity and numbers throughout the country. But some worry about their legality. . . .Read More

Lack of Coverage on Transgendered Pakistanis Shows Bias in US Media

19 August 2009

by Sanjeev Bery

It probably wasn't the first time that someone had organized an Independence Day cricket match in Pakistan. But it almost certainly was the first time that such a match occurred between a team of professional cricket players and a team of transgendered Pakistanis.

As the Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported, the transgendered team won.

Known as hijras, transgendered Pakistanis and Indians have historically lived in their own communities and within their own cultural contexts. The word hijra combines a range of sexual identities -- gay crossdressers, hermaphradites -- who identify as female, and male-to-female transgendered individuals. In Indian and Pakistani English, words like "eunuch" and "transvestite" are often used in place of the word hijra. . . .Read More