Sunday, August 31, 2008

Changing Sex Documentary Transsexual Trans #6 of 8

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Iranian film explores transsexual world


August 30, 2008

VENICE, Italy (AP) — Organizers of the Venice Film Festival waited to announce "Khastegi (Tedium)" by first-time Iranian director Bahman Motamedian until the last minute to avoid alerting authorities to its sensitive subject: transsexuals in modern-day Iran.

The struggles of seven transsexuals depicted in the film are made more complicated by Iran's strict gender codes and cultural obstacles. But Motamedian, who is best known in Iran for theater work, insists the problems they face are universal to transsexuals anywhere in the world: finding their identity and seeking acceptance from their families.

"We know that throughout the world this problems exists," Motamedian said. "The idea was to raise awareness among families especially, because this is the first layer of barrier, and to help people to realize they are not alone and be able to face the problem."

Motamedian said he was inspired by the Italian neo-realists in his filmmaking, and for the movie he cast transsexuals, not professional actors, to act a role that he created. . . .Read More

Now he really is Jahn the Man

August 31, 2008


Jahn Kirchoff calls to check in, and the voice on the phone is startling. It has dropped considerably in just a couple of weeks. No way it sounds like a woman's voice anymore.

''Yeah, my voice is getting deeper. My vocal cords are expanding -- and my beard is really growing in now,'' says Kirchoff, who is getting used to five-o'clock shadows.

In 2004, after living as a biological woman for 48 years, Kirchoff had surgery to remove his breasts. In August he marked the one-year anniversary of the start of hormone treatments.

''It takes almost three years of taking the hormones for all the changes to happen,'' Kirchoff says in his sweet, laid-back way.

As stories about gender transitions go, this one is remarkable for what Kirchoff hasn't had to endure: He was never shunned by family or friends. As co-owner of the popular Deli Lane cafes in South Miami, Brickell and Sarasota, he doesn't worry about being fired. Over the years, he has gotten plenty of ''long looks'' from strangers but isn't afraid, even as his transition from female to male becomes more obvious. . . .Read More

Dads who found love together

JENNY-ANNE Bishop and Elen Heart are a very unusual couple – they both have the bodies of men and were once husbands and fathers.

But they gave it all up to dress as women and become a “lesbian” transgender couple.

Like all transsexuals, Jenny-Ann, 62, who used to be Paul, and Elen, 65, who was once Alan, think they were born in the wrong bodies.

But they have decided against sex-swap surgery because of health risks at their age.

Instead they both take female hormones, doll themselves up in fashionable dresses, lipstick and mascara, and curl and style their hair and wigs.

“Our relationship is hard to define,” said Jenny-Anne who was married for 35 years before she met Elen. “We’re not exactly lesbians, but people might use that word. . . .Read More