Monday, September 08, 2008

Facial Feminization Surgery ( FFS ) - Before & After

"A series of pictures from my feminizing facial surgery on October 25, 2006"  TransgenderSupport

Singing the blues: Transgendered woman says Windsor Locks bar banned her from karaoke night

By Max Bakke

September 4, 2008

WINDSOR LOCKS — An Enfield woman has filed a complaint with the state liquor commission after the manager of a local restaurant refused to allow her to participate in the bar’s weekly karaoke night.

Michelle Merrill claims that the manager of the Skyline Restaurant wouldn’t let her sing on Aug. 22 because she is a transsexual. The 35-year old Merrill, who was born male, underwent sex-change procedures, including hormone treatments, starting 10 years ago.

Merrill said that when she asked the manager why he wouldn’t let her participate, he told her that she had used the women’s restroom the week before, triggering complaints from other patrons, and then told her that he didn’t want people like her in the bar. . . .Read More

Love triumphs across the line

September 6, 2008

When being true to yourself means you must divorce your soulmate, the law really can be an ass, writes Adele Horin.

Eric and Joan loved each other so much they could not wait to get married. At 19, they eloped, fleeing England's marrying age of 21, to make their vows in easier-going Scotland.

Almost 50 years later, the couple have survived the vicissitudes of married life - the swinging '60s, migration to Australia, three children, and a heart attack. And their marriage has survived a challenge most couples would find overwhelming.

Eric underwent a sex change operation six years ago, aged 61. After a lifetime of confusion about his sexuality, decades of cross-dressing, years of hormone treatment, all with Joan's knowledge, Eric grabbed his last chance to be true to himself. Living as a woman was a secret joy he had allowed himself to experience on occasional weekends away with Joan. It was the heart attack - intimations of mortality - that propelled him to come out to his community and friends as a female, assume the name of Erica, go under the knife, and be liberated from the prison of pretence. . . .Read More



September 8, 2008


A Yeshiva University professor left two years ago as a man - and returned last week as a woman.

Literature Professor Joy Ladin, formerly known as Jay Ladin, 47, showed up for her first day of school sporting pink lipstick, a tight purple shirt and a flirty black skirt. She cheerfully strutted through the doors of the Midtown campus' main building, where she oversees the writing center.

Many at the Jewish university are horrified by the presence of the transgender professor. Some fear the news could cut alumni donations.

Ladin and the school won't comment on the situation, but some rabbis are shocked that she's still a member of the faculty. . . .Read More