Tuesday, July 22, 2008

TransSports - OutLoud Radio

"Here, I'm being interviewed about TransSports or being gender non-conforming while in sports at school. Also, my experiences were taken account of and this all done by Noah Miller and Elena Chin of San Fransico for OutLoud Radio." cheyanne2314

Queen Harish dances in drag

Tuesday, July 22, 20

"I like to copy the Bollywood actresses," Queen Harish says with a chuckle. "But not the new kinds with the very short, short clothes." She prefers the colorful, traditional full skirts of her native Rajasthan. After being featured in the musical documentary "When the Road Bends: Tales of a Gypsy Caravan," Indian drag sensation Queen Harish has become quite the jet-setter. New York, London, Barcelona, Tokyo - "the dancing, whirling, desert drag queen," as she calls herself, is everywhere, flying in for celebrity weddings, giant outdoor concerts and gay parties. "They were hot," she says after performing at the packed Desilicious pride party in sweltering New York this year. "I have to make them more hot."

Harish is also married and a dad. He goes to his local Hindu temple twice a day. And he says he'd never even heard the term "drag queen" until he came to the West. . . .Read More

Transgender Information Network

Current Affairs #1
Posted in Current Affairs on July 22, 2008 by transgenderinfo

Current Affairs is a new initiative we are starting here at Version 3.0 of the site. The aim is to give brief overviews of those longer, more in-depth news and magazine pieces that bring transgender people and issues into focus. You know, those kind of human interest stories. Adding to each piece as a new piece comes to light.

Our first current affair is to do with Transgender Children. Recently in the media there has been lots of talk about issues surrounding transgender children and debate about what age is too young to make such a decision. In an article entitled Should I help my 12-year-old get a sex change? that was published in the TImes Online - a mother of a transgendered child and a doctor from Amsterdam discuss the issues. . . .Read More

Newsweek Gets It Backwards

July 22, 2008

Newsweek's cover story this month is entitled "Young, Gay and Murdered: Kids are coming out younger, but are schools ready to handle the complex issues of identity and sexuality? For Larry King, the question had tragic implications." [ http://www.newsweek.com/id/147790/page/1 ]

The reporter, Ramin Setoodeh seems to me to have concluded that it was because Larry came out and because he dressed in a vampy way and directed sexual and romantic comments toward boys at school that he was gossiped about, harassed and finally murdered. I would question the chronology. I am totally skeptical about the assumption that his behavior led to the other boys' hostility rather than their hostility fueling his behavior. Because it’s the latter that I have seen so often. A little kid starts out gender variant by nature, even in pre-kindergarten. But often subtly so. Then other kids' discomfort and grown-ups refusal to address their discomfort or teach about stereotypes leads to their excluding that child from play and refusing to sit with the child at lunch. The teachers continue to hope the problem will go away. . . .Read More

Young, Gay and Murdered

Kids are coming out younger, but are schools ready to handle the complex issues of identity and sexuality? For Larry King, the question had tragic implications.

By Ramin Setoodeh | NEWSWEEK
July 19, 2008

At 15, Lawrence King was small—5 feet 1 inch—but very hard to miss. In January, he started to show up for class at Oxnard, Calif.'s E. O. Green Junior High School decked out in women's accessories. On some days, he would slick up his curly hair in a Prince-like bouffant. Sometimes he'd paint his fingernails hot pink and dab glitter or white foundation on his cheeks. "He wore makeup better than I did," says Marissa Moreno, 13, one of his classmates. He bought a pair of stilettos at Target, and he couldn't have been prouder if he had on a varsity football jersey. He thought nothing of chasing the boys around the school in them, teetering as he ran. . . .Read More

Critique, Opinion, POV: Transgender opponent seeks common ground

July 22, 2008

Jeffrey Winslow

This letter is in response to the "Why are some people so anti-transgender?" letter of June 4.

Dr. Jennifer Madden makes an interesting use of what I call "semantic sleight of hand" in that she shuffles attention away from the arguments of my previous letters and instead debates character: my petty character and Dr. Madden's sterling spiritual character. I believe the terms "insecure" and "self-righteous" are part of my description.

Dr. Madden spoke of interconnectedness in her letter. What do Jennifer Madden and I have in common? We were not born with female biological parts.

What does this mean? . . .Read More