Monday, March 31, 2008

Twin boys living as girls

Twin Transexuals on Jenny Jones. Early 90's clip from Jone's talk show.

A new woman

Surgery completes the transformation

By KAREN LOVETT, Telegraph Staff

March 30, 2008

The countdown began more than 100 days before.

Back in September, a thick cushion of weeks separated Cynthia Tebbetts from the moment her life would be transformed.

Landmark days came and went.

Christmas was a blur.

New Year’s a mere flash.

Then came her last day of work. Her last dinner out.

Finally, in late January, it was time.

As a boy growing up in west Manchester, John Jay Tebbetts felt something wasn’t right.

As a teenager, he realized he didn’t want to be a boy.

As an adult, nearing his 40th birthday, he plummeted into a depression that ushered him to the brink of suicide.

That scare forced him to throw a light on a secret he’d been keeping even
from himself: in order to live, and to be happy, John Jay would need to change. And so, he embarked on a transformation to become Cynthia Nicole. . . .Read More

Jamaica: Radical sex change; One man's story

March 31, 2008

Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer

In August 2007, he did a tummy tuck. On January 10, 2008, it was breast augmentation, completing the sex change he has always wanted.

A sex change happens when a male or female undergoes hormonal or surgical manipulation to change his or her outward appearance to that of the opposite gender.

A trajectory of Peter Kugouri's* sex change shows one year of psychological and hormonal treatment for the 27-year-old man, who now sports a pierced navel, dangling earrings, waist-length hair and a female form. "I have 11 piercings in total on my body," he boasted to the Flair Magazine.

A former 'son' of a St Mary family, Kugouri, who spent his early years in Montego Bay and now resides in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, goes by the alias 'Sade'. His well-manicured acrylic nails, permanent make-up and Indian features scream feminine allure. "When I go out, I am not recognised as anything other than female.". . .Read More

Terrors of the third gender!

M. S. Verma

30 March 2008

India is home to a large number of eunuchs, castrated men required to perform specific social function. But now a days, they are involved in gruesome crimes like castrating males forcibly, rob unwary people and cajole people in public places.

EUNUCHS CASTRATED a man in Sirsa two days ago. He was a ‘dholakia’ (drum player) with his troupe. They had approached him to accompany them on a round to places where they expected to find their victims – the parents of newly married couples or recently born male children. But the man showed his disinclination and had to face the music.
It used to be a mere five rupees in the olden days, but now the ransom to get rid of these pests runs into thousands. Just last month, my relatives had to part with Rs 11,000, comprising cash and a golden ring to escape the embarrassment, and if in case, a person is reluctant to pay, they threaten to indulge in indecent exposure that would be humiliating with the amused crowd watching their tricks. Interestingly, there is some superstition attached to this practice. If the eunuchs bless the child or the couple, their future life would be happy and eventful.
This is not the first case of this type. A few years ago, a television channel had reported a similar case of a handsome Punjabi young man, who was similarly castrated. But fortunately, when he regained consciousness after three days, he found himself unguarded and made his escape, finally reaching his home in Punjab. There are umpteen cases when young men are castrated by eunuchs. But seldom are such cases reported. In fact, it is a regular practice with them and most of us have taken it as something of a routine, a fact of life such as a goat’s slaughter for meat or hungry panting birds in the cage, waiting their turn in front of meat shops or the regular beating of the wife by the husband. . . .Read More

‘Catwalk’ Girls Work It

by Bradford Low

Mar 29, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO — As the lights dimmed and the bass from the speakers filled the SomArts Gallery, the sold-out crowd rose to their feet in applause as Tita Aida, the self-proclaimed transgender “hostess with the moistest,” made her way down the 60-foot-long runway to kick off the first annual “Catwalk,” a male-to-female transgender beauty pageant, on March 22.

The event showcased 16 beautiful and classy transgender models, each representing different parts of the world.

Lally Lacy, a transgender program specialist at the API Wellness Center and a transgender woman herself, said Tita Aida (known as Nicky Calma during her day job as an API Wellness Center program supervisor) formed the idea for the event a year ago as a means to empower the transgender community Lesbian-and-Gay-Executives , because there were not enough venues for transgender people to meet. “We just wanted to make a positive influence on the transgender community, especially for Asian Pacific Americans, and showcase the transgender community’s love for beauty, fashion and self,” Lacy said. “We want to show what we have and what we can do.” . . . .Read More

Pregnant transgender man to appear on Oprah

by Rebecca Armendariz

31 March 2008

The media coverage of Thomas Beatie, the transgender man from Oregon who claims to be pregnant, has been plentiful, but Beatie himself hasn't given an interview yet (besides the initial one he gave to The Advocate). Beatle still has his female reproductive organs, though he has been transitioning for ten years with hormone therapy.

The blitz is about to begin -- this Thursday, Beatie will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show. He also says he'll appear the next issue of People Magazine. . . .Read More