Sunday, July 05, 2009

Transgender 'Top Model' Contestant - Tyra (Part 2)

The Tyra Banks Show - ''Transgender 'Top Model' contestant'' (Recorded Nov 18, 2008, WWOR)

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Buck Angel: Self Made Man

By Travis de Jonk, 6th July, 2009

He is one of the most famous porn stars in the world with an impressive collection of films under his belt. He has been photographed and captured by many artists worldwide. He is ruggedly handsome, layered in stunning tattoos and his pierced sexy muscled body is a stunning example of manhood. But there are plenty more other reasons why Californian born Buck Angel is so captivating and fascinating. Buck is a self made man like no other. He was born and raised as Susan.

“A lot of people ask me what it was like growing up as a girl… it’s funny because I was never raised that way,” says Buck.

“I was a tomboy. I wore boys clothes and played outside a lot. Everyone always treated me like a boy growing up so always felt I was one.” . . .Read More

Couple speak out on transgender issues

By Shaun Hittle

July 5, 2009

A lot has changed for Jay Pryor between the time he moved from Lawrence in 1999 until moving back in 2007.

For starters, in 1999 Jay Pryor was a woman named Janet Pryor finishing up her bachelor’s degree in communications studies at Kansas University.

In his eight years away from Lawrence, Jay was living in Washington, D.C., making the transition from a woman to a man. It’s a process that included spending a year living and presenting himself as a man, beginning hormone treatments, and eventually leading to body-altering surgery.

And while his gender has changed, what has remained constant has been his desire to speak out and educate those in the community about issues involving sexual orientation and gender identity.

When Pryor was a student at KU, he was a lesbian featured in the documentary “Shades of Gray,” which chronicled the successful fight in Lawrence to add sexual orientation to the city’s anti-discrimination policy. . . .Read More

Transsexual Rebecca finds joy with end to family feud


July 05 2009

Iceland's most high-profile transsexual has revealed that she has reunited with her family whom she once claimed had disowned her.

Rebecca Tallon Martinez, formerly known as Ross Tallon, was speaking in the run-up to the opening of the Wright Venue in Swords, the luxury four-floor venue where she will be hostess.

Rebecca, or Madam WV, as she is now known, described how she has finally found happiness in her life after a rollercoaster 20 years of drugs, abuse and false claims of HIV.

Crediting the social networking site Facebook for reuniting her with her family she said: "It's only happened quite recently. I learned how to use a computer and I came across my sister and I emailed her and she said she'd love to talk to me.

"So I kept in touch with them a lot through Facebook and I have built up a relationship with them again."

Speaking about her time apart from her loved ones, she explained: "I would have disowned me at that stage too. . . .Read More