Sunday, February 08, 2009

SF Lifestyle Changes

February 7, 2009. Talks about some lifestyle changes I've been making since being in San Francisco. Going veg, exercise, reading, etc.

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Window Into Why Girls Will Be Boys and Vice Versa

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

Danielle Teutsch

February 8, 2009

A SYDNEY researcher has begun the first study of its kind on what are known as gender-variant children - boys who act like girls and girls who act like boys.

Sydney University doctoral student Elizabeth Riley is conducting an online survey, which will take in the views of families, health professionals and transgender people, and is setting up a support group. She has already had about 25 inquiries.

Ms Riley said in the past, professionals working in the field of gender identity disorder would not see patients until they were older teens or adults. But now, a new generation of more enlightened parents0 were seeking advice on the best way to deal with a young son who has a clear preference for long hair and dresses; or a girl who says she wants a boy’s body.

“There’s a real unmet need for help,” Ms Riley said. “Parents want to do the right thing by their children. There’s a fear their child could be teased or bullied and anxiety about what other parents will think.” . . .Read More

'My goal is just to be the girl next door'

of the Journal Star

Feb 08, 2009

Transgendered people in central Illinois trying to be true to self

Living in a small central Illinois town, Audri Brooks, 28, considers herself a woman in a man's body.

And though Brooks has always known she's different, all she really wants is to fit in.

"My goal is just to be the girl next door," Brooks said. "I don't want to be noticed. I want to blend in and be totally normal."

Trey Polesky, a 27-year-old Bloomington man, says he was born a man in a woman's body.

"A lot of people think there aren't transgendered people here. But that's not right. We're everywhere. We're your neighbors, the person at the store checking your groceries, your social workers. We're not just in big cities like Chicago. We're everywhere." . . .Read More

Transsexual Woman Fights For Rights At Health Club

Feb 4, 2009

Steve Miller / WBBM Newsradio 780

A Chicago Ridge resident - born a man but now a
woman - says she is still fighting discrimination, eight years after she won the right to compete as a female athlete.

You can't put it any simpler than Tammy Wronski, 49, herself does.

"I do have a vagina downstairs," she said.

In 2001, she won the right to compete as a woman in canoe paddling in Hawaii. Now back in her native Illinois, there's controversy at her health club, X-Sport Fitness. . . .Read More