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Lawsuit settled, 'Crying Game'-like 'There's Something About Miriam' premieres in UK

By Steve Rogers, 02/23/2004

The six straight men who sued to prevent the broadcast of an UK reality show in which, unbeknownst to them, they competed for the affection of a preoperative Mexican transsexual quickly got over their claims of injury and public humiliation in return for a cash payment, clearing the way for the program to debut on UK television last evening.

The undisclosed settlement -- which various reports pegged at anywhere between $150,000 and $250,000 a man -- followed November 2003's lawsuit over the previously scheduled broadcast of the series. which had been filmed earlier in the year in Ibiza.

During the beginning of the show, the six men were presented with a lineup of beautiful women and asked to pick the one that they found most attractive. All of them selected a South American beauty named Miriam. Then, in typical reality dating show fashion, they competed to win her affections.

However, unknown to the men, Miriam wasn't a woman. Instead, she was a preoperative transsexual -- similar to Jaye Davidson in the 1994 movie The Crying Game. . . .

There's Something About Miriam - The End

There's Something About Miriam

Miriam's secret

TV Editor

STUNNING model Miriam reveals how she got intimate with six guys on a shocking new reality show – but none realised she was born a MAN.

The leggy beauty was locked in a luxury Ibizan villa with the lads as they battled to seduce her on Sky One show There’s Something About Miriam.

And they were stunned when she finally revealed her startling secret.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Miriam, 22, says: “A lot of romantic stuff happened on the show. A few of the guys kissed me and there was a lot of touching and hugging. It was intimate.

“I got very close to a few of them, but none got close enough to realise my secret.

“At the end of the two weeks I said to them, ‘I was born a man. I am a woman in a man’s body.’

“I was really nervous at their reaction. I didn’t know if they were going to punch me or attack me.

“There was a great silence. One of them started laughing, some were angry, some were quiet and shocked while another took it very personally.

“I left immediately and I haven’t spoken to them since.”

Miriam, born in Hermosa, Mexico, is one of the most beautiful transsexuals in the world and there are no telltale signs she was born a man.

But she is a pre-op transsexual, often called a shemale, which means she still has her carefully-hidden male genitalia.

However for the time being, Miriam will remain that way.

She says: “I have no plans to have a full sex change at the moment. I am only 22 and am very happy the way I am. I love myself.”

Viewers of her show, which starts on Sky One on February 22, will see the six hapless lads drooling over Miriam as she first appears in a swimsuit on a yacht.

The footage shows them desperately trying to seduce her as they go on a series of dates.

Fooled six guys. . .pre-op transsexual

Many try to kiss and touch her boobs, others try to take things further.

But Miriam holds back until she delivers her bombshell secret after picking her favourite.

The embarrassed blokes threatened court action to get the show scrapped, fearing national humiliation.

But now it will be screened after Sky chiefs paid the lads a reported £125,000 each in compensation.

Miriam’s life story is a long battle to be accepted for being different, since the age of four, when she realised she wanted to be a girl.

She says: “My three brothers used to play baseball but I wanted to play Barbie.

“Then at 11 I met someone like me, somebody who also wanted to be a girl. He suggested I get some hormones to make my breasts grow and make me more like a girl.

“I got the pills. I’d tell the pharmacist I was buying them for my mother.”

Miriam’s breasts grew and she needed to wear a bra. Then at 12 she was asked to leave her school after the principal decided she was a bad influence. Miriam was forced to go home and tell her parents.

She recalls: “My mum said, ‘You’re my son, I love you and I will support you whatever you want to be.’ My dad didn’t seem surprised. He already knew. Everybody called me a faggot anyway. But my brothers really supported me.”

Miriam moved to another school but did not fit in and at 14 she ran away and spent six months working at a strip club.

She recalls: “I used to keep my shorts on so the customers could only put their money in the side. I made a lot of money — enough for my first boob implants.”

Finally Miriam’s mum tracked her down, then sent her to live with a relative and attend Hollywood High School at 15.

But there she fell for a boy and during an intimate moment he discovered her secret. The following day it was all around school and Miriam walked out.

She moved to New York to live with her uncle and started work in his estate agency.

The 16-year-old started dating men, but still carefully guarded her secret.

She recalls: “I went out with one guy for six months when I was 18.

“He asked me to marry him, so of course I had to tell him and he cried for a week.

“Because of his reaction I thought, ‘I am never going to do this again.’ I learned my lesson. I have to be honest about who I am.

“If someone asks me I will tell them, if someone gets attached to me, I’ll tell them. But otherwise I won’t.”

Meanwhile Miriam is happy with the way she is. She says: “In Mexico, they now compare me to Catherine Zeta Jones. I feel special — I feel unique.” . . .