Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Transsexual Cop - New Zealand

August 2009

Five years ago Steve was a macho, no-nonsense cop. But unbeknownst to his police bosses, Steve longed to become a woman. Today Sarah Lurajud is New Zealands first openly transgender police officer.

For most of Sarahs 24 years in the police, she was living a lie. I made a conscious decision that that would be a secret I'd take to the grave. In the force Steve was known as a good cop but in the end Sarah had to be Sarah. I was petrified of losing my job and didnt know how my colleagues would react. Despite the shock, she was appreciated as before. Sarah was and is a good cop.

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Runner's sexual definition throws gender-bending questions into the sports arena

19 August 2009

by Mike Szymanski

Is she male, is she female?

That's what the IAAF running officials are wondering about the fantastic South African runner Caster Semenya.

(The Endurance Sports Examiner, Roman Mica, did a top-notch job of capturing the controversy, and you may want to follow more about this issue and the world of racing through the column. And, New York Celebrity Fitness and Health Examiner Samantha Chang is following what is going on with the issue, too!)

The issue is befuddling the sports world (and it's about time!) Man? Woman?

Well guess what? What if she is neither—or all of the above?

Finally, people may start realizing that the definition of sex is perhaps as fluid as the definition of one's sexuality. Yeah, just like people aren't homosexual or heterosexual, they aren't just simply male or female either. It's really not confusing at all. It's about learning a few more definitions, and realizing that world isn't made up of just black or white, but many shades of gray. . . .Read More

Transsexual tells of how sex work led to HIV

August 16, 2009

By Audrey Edwards

SHE looks older than her 19 years and is pencil-thin.

Fatin (not her real name) is fidgety and plays with her sweater while she furtively looks around to see if anyone nearby is listening in.

It doesn't matter that the interview is being carried out in a poorly-lit corner of a religious school compound at her village in Johor.

The orang asli transsexual is cautious at first and speaks quietly.

But as she warms up, Fatin, who was confirmed HIV-positive last year, lets her guard down. She says she also suffers from tuberculosis.

All in the name of fun

"It all began when I started hanging out with my friends at the bus stop," she says, smiling shyly as she relates how she became involved in sex work, which led to her being infected with HIV.

"Guys would drive by, stop, look and then choose whoever they liked." . . .Read More

Australian transsexual pair win legal recognition as men

18 August 2009

Two Australian transsexuals have won legal recognition as men despite the duo still having female reproductive organs.

The pair was previously denied legal recognition of their sex change by West Australian state government, as the government argued that until they had hysterectomies done they could not be considered men under the Gender Reassignment Act. . . . Read More