Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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From Michael to Megan. . . .Read More

Telegraph iPlayer pick: Transsexual in Iran (BBC2)


By James Walton

  • Click here to watch or download Transsexual in Iran from BBC iPlayer
  • The title of Transsexual in Iran (BBC2) might have led you to expect a profile of one individual. Instead, we met several – because it turns out that more sex-change operations are performed in Iran than in any other country, except Thailand. Under Shiah law, these operations aren’t merely allowed, but apparently encouraged as an Islamic cure for people trapped in the wrong body. The Government provides half the medical fees and, once you’ve changed sex, amends your birth certificate accordingly. . . .Read More

    Transsexual Brigitte Fell in angry shop outburst

    Exclusive by Neil Keene

    February 20, 2008 12:00am

    A TRANSSEXUAL who was allegedly outed to her boyfriend by two police officers found herself back in court yesterday but this time on the wrong side of the law.

    Brigitte Fell made international headlines after two police officers faced court charged with breaching privacy laws by allegedly telling her boyfriend she had undergone a sex change.

    Ms Fell appeared in court again yesterday, this time for a violent New Year's Eve outburst in a suburban shopping centre in Newcastle. . . .Read More

    Handling the transgender issue

    How might a progressive employer handle a transgender employee who, for example, goes from female to male, or male to female? How does one address those in transition? — Concerned About Change That Makes Sense

    Dear Concerned: Which bathroom is the new man or new woman going to use? That’s going to be the No. 1 challenge for an employer. Or at least the one that other employees will bring to an employer’s attention.

    On the surface, it may not appear that employees having sex change operations — or sex reassignment surgery — would pose a wide diversity issue. But it happens enough for there to be a number of groups and literature to assist with the decision, a growing body of law that prevents discrimination surrounding the decision, and an increasing number of companies addressing the issue as part of company policy. . . .Read More

    Obama Rolls Out More LGBT Supporters

    The Barack Obama campaign aims to target specific sectors of the LGBT community to improve his odds in the remaining primaries.

    by Kerry Eleveld

    An Advocate.com exclusive posted March 11, 2008

    Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign rolled out a new swath of 40 national LGBT supporters, adding to the original list of about 60 queer supporters it announced last year. (The new list is available at the end of this article).

    “This continues to show the momentum that the Obama camp is demonstrating in all different slices of the electorate,” said Eric Stern, who has been actively courting gays and lesbians to join the Obama team. . . .Read More

    Buenos Aires legislature confers award on transsexual on Women’s Day

    .- In order to mark International Women’s Day, the legislature of Buenos Aires decided to confer honors on twenty Argentinean women who “broke the traditional molds,” including a transsexual activist.

    The transsexual activist underwent an operation in a public hospital and last year received an official ID under the name of Alejandra Portatadino. Currently she works in the law division of the Argentinean Homosexual Community. . . .Read More