Sunday, August 05, 2007

TransFrancisco - Transgender March for Justice and Equality

Thailand: Guy Caught Snatching a Gold Necklace. . .

Lady Boy Updated: [August 4, 2007 ] :: 16:17:33 [view 605]

. . .from a lady boy thought he was a girl.

A guy needed money to buy a motorbike. He saw a lady boy wore a gold necklace. From behind he thought the lady boy was a girl, then snatched the necklace. The lady in a boy body started chasing him and also screamed for help. The thief guy was caught by a hotel security and patrolled police.

On the 4 August 2007, at 02.30 AM, Pol.Capt. Grieng-Grai-Wut Bua-Gla, Pattaya, was notified that there was a snatch and run case near Pattaya Memorial hospital. The thief was detained at the front of Queen Hotel, Central Pattaya which is about 300 meters from the

Police rushed to the Queen hotel where the thief had been caught. His name is Mr. Sarayut Dejwat (28) from Surathani province. The evidence was 30 gram gold necklace that he snatched from a lady boy, Mr. Sombat Janjam (18), a Cabaret dancer from a beer bar in Central Pattaya.

Mr. Sarayut confessed that he is working at a gay bar in South Pattaya. He needed money to pay the down payment to buy a motorbike to use for work. He saw Mr. Sombat who is a lady boy walking alone. From behind he thought he was a girl. He then snatched his gold necklace and ran. But the girl in a man body was chasing him and also screaming for help. Unfortunately, he was caught by a security of Queen hotel and patrolled police. Mr. Sarayut was charged for snatch and run at night time.

UK: Women's wear sale 'just for men'

Drag queen Anna Glypta
The members-only shopping sessions will be held once a month
A charity shop in Leeds is hosting evening shopping sessions exclusively for cross-dressing men.

The Oxfam store renames itself "Oxtran" when it stocks up on oversized women's wear and open its doors to transsexuals and transvestites once a month.

Sally Stone, who runs the store in the city centre, said: "We felt that there was definitely a gap in the market."

The move has been welcomed by Leeds drag queens Daisy du Pont and Anna Glypta.

Ms Stone said: "Oxfam's always looking for new ways to raise funds for the work that we do and we felt that there was definitely a gap in the market.

It's something that Leeds has been crying out for
Daisy du Pont

"So we are opening our doors for one night each month to allow an uncatered-for group of people to come to shop in an uninhibited environment.

"We have quite a lot of oversized things and you'll find in all Oxfam shops that they don't sell very well so those things will be shipped to our central warehouse, sorted out and sent to us specially for these events."

Ms du Pont, who picked out a see-through black blouse and a gold dress, said: "I think it's fantastic. It's something that Leeds has been crying out for.

"The transgender community had nowhere to go and it's great to shop with staff who understand what they are looking for."

Ms Glypta said: "Drag queens like us don't mind going out and buying things and saying it's for ourselves.

"But an awful lot of guys out there can't actually admit that they are buying something that is actually for them, so they can't try things on, they end up taking it home and then bringing it back so it just gets complicated.

"To have somewhere like this where they can go and it's all 'trans-aware' is fabulous."



By: Norman Liebmann

Just askin’: Are we ready for a Transsexuals Only Day at theme parks? And would they spend the day showing each other their operations?

Where They Stand: Part Two

Our Visible Vote primer on how the Dems see GLBT issues.

by Jennifer Vanasco,

The historic LOGO/HRC presidential forum on GLBT issues, to be broadcast Aug. 9, will for the first time showcase the Democratic contenders responses to our concerns.

In our comprehensive gay issue round-up, we bullet the issues that are easily quantifiable—a candidate’s stance on marriage, for instance—and then try to sum up in a paragraph or two some of the nuances.

Part One of our series covered GLBT issues as seen by Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Hilary Clinton, Sen. Chris Dodd, Sen. John Edwards, and Sen. Mike Gravel, in alphabetical order.

However, we left out a crucial candidate: Sen. Joe Biden, the only major Democratic contender not to be represented in the forum, because he had a scheduling conflict. His stance is included below, along with Dennis Kucinich, Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Bill Richardson. . . .

POV, Critique, Opinion: The Gendercator

. . .written and directed by Catherine Crouch

TRT : 15 minutes

Super 8mm & Mini DV

The Gendercator is a short, satirical take on gender and social norms. The story uses the “Rip van Winkle” model to extrapolate from the past into a possible future.

In 1973 a group of hippie women are celebrating Billie Jean King’s victory over Bobby Riggs. They are partying in the rural woods outside of Bloomington, Indiana. Our heroine Sally is a simple minded, sporty type who overindulges at the party and passes out under a tree. Sally wakes up 75 years later in 2048 to discover (amongst other social changes) that feminism has failed utterly and completely. Sex roles and gender expression are rigidly binary and enforced by law and social custom. When Sally chooses to dress in flannel and jeans, the doctor at the emergency room calls in the “Gendercator”, a government official who informs Sally that butch women and sissy boys are no longer tolerated – gender variants are allowed to chose their gender, but they must choose one and follow its rigid constraints.

Sally is baffled by this brave new world. All she wants is to “do her own thing” – but her own thing is seen as problematic. Sally is a simple-minded stoner, indoctrinated into 70s feminism. She is no poster girl or freedom fighter, just a gentle tomboy dropped into the future with a tendency to respond in slogans such as “sisterhood is powerful”.

Nurse Nancy locates some of Sally’s former friends – they are 100 now, but because of advances in the medical profession they are still healthy and thriving. The friends tell Sally they heard she moved to California and that’s why they never looked for her. One of her friends appears to be a man and tells Sally, “They made me do it. They’ll make you too.” They explain to Sally that in the early 2000s the evangelical Christians took over the government and legislated their strict family values, legally sanctioning only “one man, one woman” couples. Advances in sex reassignment surgery have made it possible to honor an individual’s choice of gender AND government policy. Sally is comfortable in the middle of the genders, an unacceptable choice in 2048.

Director’s Note

The Gendercator is a work of satirical fiction. A satire is not a prediction of the future, it is a commentary on contemporary social trends. A satire takes these trends to their logical extreme to emphasize their underlying logic. The Gendercator is a comment on 1) the rise of religious fundamentalists as a political power all over the world, all of whom declare homosexuality to be a sin, 2) the medical advancements in plastic surgery, and 3) the culture of individuality which posits that individual “choice” is to be celebrated as the highest good, and therefore cannot be criticized. . . .