Saturday, December 19, 2009

Makeup Tips for Transsexuals

In this video, I give makeup advice aimed at transsexual women (and crossdressers) who want to use makeup to make themselves more passable. I also teach you how to do a simple makeup look suitable for going out with friends.

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Two And A Half Men: Transsexual (1)

A scene out of two and a half men season 1 episode 18: an old flame with a new wick...

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Two and a half Men: transexual (2)

It's the end of the episode in which Charlie meets an old girlfriend, who became a man...
This man started a relationship with his mother, and this resulted in awkward situations...

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Transgender in Prison

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India hosts its first ever transsexual beauty pageant

December 18, 2009

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Requiem for Mike Penner/Christine Daniels

Kevin Roderick

December 18, 2009

The Daily Beast's Jacob Bernstein is the first writer who wasn't a friend to put together a somewhat lengthy examination of the months leading up to Mike Penner's suicide. In Requiem for a Transexual Sportswriter, he describes Penner becoming more and more reclusive, even after he dropped his identity as Christine Daniels. Christine Kahrl, the transexual writer for Baseball Prospectus, also discusses her advice against that Daniels not write the highly-read Los Angeles Times piece that announce her transformation. . . .Read More

My Word: Treating transgender children as mentally ill creates the problem

By Rafael Pineda and Maria Jose Munoz

December 17, 2009

We second Kerry Cook's gratitude to the Alameda Unified School District for creating the Community Advisory Committee, albeit for entirely different reasons. We are thankful that the district is working to create a more inclusive and tolerant environment in our schools.

She says, "Our hearts are broken for all the elementary school children who are being taught that a mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder ... is a normal behavior called transgender."

As parents of a beautiful, happy and healthy transgender child attending school in Alameda, our hearts are broken by the thousands of gender-nonconforming children who face violence, verbal and sexual harassment, increased dropout rates and institutional bias — and who take their own lives at three times the rate of their peers — largely because they have been diagnosed as mentally ill and treated accordingly.

We can assure Kerry Cook that our child and many more transgender children and adults we know are far from being mentally ill. . . .Read More

Embrace diversity of transgenders


NST OnLine

Since the media went to town with Fatine Young's immigration dilemma, questions have arisen on whether our society lacks compassion and kindness when it comes to transgenders. AUDREY VIJAINDREN speaks to experts and religious leaders who believe it's time Malaysians vacate the judgement seat and adopt a more sympathetic approach.

RUDE whistling from passing cars, derogatory name-calling and warding off items that are hurled in their direction are only some of the many things Malaysian transgenders have had to live with for years.

The story of transsexual Fatine Young, 36, who married a British man and is about to be deported to Malaysia for overstaying, is yet another plight of a transgender.

But as the world evolves and society advances, is it time we got off our high horses and started acting more humane? Whether their courage and lifestyle is right or wrong, admirable or sinful, do transgenders deserve less respect and dignity than anyone else?

PT acting executive director and Pink Triangle programme director, Raymond Tai, believes there is much misunderstanding and ignorance among many Malaysians regarding transgenders.

"There is so much misconception on what it means to be a transgender, transsexual, transvestite or gay. Because people do not understand what each term means, there is confusion and a tendency to make moral judgments. . . .Read More