Monday, January 25, 2010

We're 7 & 8 Years Old and Know We Are Transgender (2010/01/27)

Forthcoming: Wednesday, January 27th 2010

Two brave kids share their stories. At only 7 and 8 years old, these children are living as the opposite gender. Well hear from the kids and their families about what its like growing up transgender. Later, the two families will get a chance to meet. Then, we get an update on a former guest who has transitioned from girl to boy through the use of hormones. Finally, a heated debate on the subject -- with the executive director of Transyouth Family Allies, a transgender doctor and a professor/minister.

Being a Transgender and Sexual Preference

A very wise lady once said, your natural sex is determined by what's between your legs at birth; your gender is determined by what's between your ears. In this update, I thought I'd talk a little about being transgender and sexual (partner) preference.

For Transgender People, Name Is a Message


January 24, 2010

Katherine used to be Miguel. Olin had a girl’s name. And in October, Robert Ira Schnur, 70, became Roberta Iris Schnur, a Manhattan retiree with magenta lipstick and, she noted the other day, chipped silver nail polish.

“I wasn’t like other men,” she said.

Theirs are among hundreds of names a Manhattan court has changed over the last few years for transgender New Yorkers. That tally, specialists in the relatively new field of transgender law say, may make the borough’s workaday Civil Court one of the country’s biggest official name swappers — male names for female, vice versa and ambiguous. . . .Read More

CUBA: Wendy - Reconciling the Inner and Outer Image

By Dalia Acosta

HAVANA, Jan 25, 2010 (IPS) - It was as if she had only closed her eyes for a moment. When Wendy Iriepa came round after surgery over a year ago, she tried to get up as if nothing had happened, but a nurse gently pushed her back into bed. "All done?" she asked, and the nurse replied, "Yes."

"I wanted to look at myself, and I managed to feel how I was now. That thing I had had to live with for 33 years of my life was gone for good," Iriepa, a Cuban transsexual who had the sexual reassignment operation approved by the Public Health Ministry in 2008, told IPS.

"When they finally removed my bandages, I went to the bathroom and I saw my reflection in a huge mirror. It was the happiest moment of my life. The 16 days I spent in hospital were neither an ordeal nor a form of imprisonment for me, but a spiritual liberation that freed my soul," she said.

As she tells her story, the tears flow again. But since her operation, her tears have been mostly of happiness. Basically she is still the same person, a hard worker and a stubborn rebel, yet she has also changed, and not just physically. Powerlessness and all its consequences are buried in the past along with that burden that was "always dragging me down." . . .Read More

Top model admits being transsexual


23 January 2010

Taiwanese model Alicia Liu (Xun Ai) has admitted that she is a transsexual.

The 24-year-old model-cum-actress, nicknamed Xiao Ai, said she underwent sex-change surgery at the age of 18.

"My ex-boyfriend paid for it," she said in an interview with a Taiwan magazine on Friday. . . .Read More

Christine Daniels by any other name

20 January 2010

LGBT community remembers the transgender sportswriter

By Cyd Zeigler jr.

A rose by any other name is still a rose. Christine, by any other name, is still the most caring, kindest, sweetest, most giving, most talented person I’ve ever known.”

Those words began the eulogy for Christine Daniels last Saturday at the Metropolitan Community Church in Hollywood. They’ve echoed in my head since Suzy Horn, a close friend of Christine, uttered them.

It’s been over six weeks since Mike Penner ended his own life, and over a year since he ended the life of Christine Daniels, the woman he became before becoming Mike again. The family had held a private memorial service in December, to which none of the members of Christine’s church were invited. Some in the media criticized Metropolitan Community Church for having a memorial service for Christine when the family had had a service for Mike, and since last we’d all heard she had transitioned back to Mike. . . .Read More

Girls may learn math anxiety from female teachers

By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, AP Science Writer January 25, 2010

WASHINGTON – Little girls may learn to fear math from the women who are their earliest teachers. Despite gains in recent years, women still trail men in some areas of math achievement, and the question of why has provoked controversy. Now, a study of first- and second-graders suggests what may be part of the answer: Female elementary school teachers who are concerned about their own math skills could be passing that along to the little girls they teach. . . . .Read More

Act Two. Tom Girls.

This American Life

Chicago Public Radio 1.15.2010

Lilly and Thomasina have a lot in common. They’re both 8 years old. And they were both born boys, although it became clear pretty early on that they'd prefer to be girls. There aren’t all that many kids in the world like them, but recently, at a conference in Seattle on transgender parenting, they met. And they immediately hit it off.
. . . Read More and listen to the kids