Thursday, July 03, 2008

Tel-Aviv Pride, Israel 2008

Pics from 2008 TLV, Israel Pride, from the transgender group.

Critique, POV, Opinion: Transgenderism -- purely psychological?

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 7/2/2008

The American Medical Association meeting in Chicago has taken action that was not totally unexpected. The organization has adopted a resolution encouraging insurance companies to provide coverage, including surgery, for transgendered people – that is, people who believe they should be the opposite gender. The surgery reworks part of the body. Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) says it is not only immoral, but also doesn't treat the real problem.

"Well, the Bible does tell us very clearly that mutilation of the body is wrong, and it's sad that these people have this psychological disorder -- but it should be treated from a psychological perspective," Stevens contends.

The CMDA spokesman has taken a look at the recent resolution. "They're calling on insurance companies to provide treatment for gender-identity disorder, which actually is a sex-change operation. Those are very expensive and obviously treat something in a way that really isn't going to solve the problem, just perpetuate it. [It is] sad that this has happened, but we're increasingly seeing this happen at the American Medical Association and other professional organizations across the country," Stevens explains. . . .Read More.

Critique, POV, Opinion: What the Pregnant Man didn't deliver

Thomas Beatie brought us a media circus and late-night punch lines. But there's something missing, say some transgender advocates -- more respect.

By Thomas Rogers

July 3, 2008 | By the time Thomas Beatie, "the Pregnant Man," strode across Oprah Winfrey's stage on April 3, his story had already become a worldwide phenomenon. Beatie -- a transgendered man who was born a woman and became pregnant through artificial insemination -- had captured headlines, and worldwide attention, in the preceding weeks. On the show, Oprah clutched Beatie's belly like a touchy aunt and asked him nosy questions about his family, his sex life and the appearance of his clitoris. ("It looks like a penis," he answered, uncomfortably.) . . .Read More plus Letters.

Transgender man gives birth

July 3, 2008

Thomas_beatie11Update on the pregnant man:

Thomas Beattie, the one-time Girl Scout, former model and finalist in a Miss Hawaii Teen USA pageant, has given birth to a baby girl, reports. . . . Read More plus Comments.