Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Male to Female Transformation

"Look what i have become"   christopherteo

Nigel Barker: Transgender on America's Next Top Model shocking but necessary

New Yorkers on America's Next Top Model

New Yorkers on America's Next Top Model: Isis, Nikeysah, and Sheena(amNewYork composite from Handout Photo/ America's Next Top Model / August 12, 2008)

After five years and 10 cycles, there are certain elements viewers have grown to expect from 'America's Next Top Model.' There's the Ivy Leaguer who thinks she's too smart for modeling, the mean girl who'd seemingly rather fight than model, the affable lesbian who acts as a foil to the conservative Christian and the 'issue' girl -- in past cycles we've seen blindness, Asperger's Syndrome, female circumcision, homelessness, rage issues and mail-order brides on the show. . . .Read More

Majority of Americans Agree That Transgender Employees Should Be. . .

New Workplace Report also Shows that Majority of Americans Support
Marriage-Like Benefits for Same Sex Couples in the Workplace

Sept. 2, 2008



According to a recent national survey, seven out of ten
heterosexual adults (71%) agree that how an employee performs at their
job should be the standard for judging an employee, not whether or not
they are transgender. The new survey also showed that nearly eight out
of ten (79%) heterosexual adults strongly or somewhat agree that how
an employee does his or her job should be the standard for judging an
employee, not their sexual orientation. . . .Read More

Transgenders get home of their own

| Sentinel Staff Writer

Kenya: My Rights Abused, Says Double-Sex Prisoner

September 2, 2008

Jillo Kadida

A hermaphrodite who is seeking to be released from Kamiti maximum security prison wants a report about his medical and physical condition tabled in court.

Richard Mwanzia Muasya says the report will help the court understand the continuous human and constitutional rights violations he is going through at the prison, where he is being held after he was convicted for robbery with violence.

A detailed report by medical experts will also help the court to fully understand his gender, says Muasya.

Muasya was born with both male and female sex organs, but goes about life as a man. . . .Read More