Wednesday, January 21, 2009

EXCLUSIVE - Interview With Ryan & Chet From The Real World: Brooklyn

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If you missed our first few interviews with some of the cast members from this season of MTV's The Real World, you can click here to see JD & Scott's interview and click here to see Katelynn's. This season is the most LGBT inclusive Real World to date!

And if you missed the first couple of episodes, you can visit MTV's website and watch them along with video dailies from the cast members.

Below is our exclusive interview with Ryan & Chet, two straight cast members who initially don't seem as open to the LGBT housemates, especially Katelynn, as the other cast members.

Ryan was once in the military and is from a small town in Pennsylvania while Chet is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is Mormon. I ask Ryan about serving with gays in the military and I ask Chet about the role of the Mormon Church in Prop 8 and about attitudes towards LGBT people. Their answers are surprising!

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Katelynn from The Real World: Brooklyn, a 24-year-old who is a self-proclaimed computer geek and black belt martial artist. . . .Read More including viewers comments

TRANSNATION 2009: A preview of the trans year to come

Special to the Online Edition of Windy City Times
by Jacob Anderson-Minshall

In a world where stories like Thomas Beatie's pregnancy can capture world-wide attention overnight, it's difficult to foretell what the biggest transgender stories of 2009 will be. But here are a few of the stories—and trans folk—to watch next year.


Following our massive, community-wide sigh of relief after the 2008 presidential elections, some of us may think the hard work is over. But there's still plenty to fight for nationally—like ENDA ( the Employment Non-Discrimination Act ) —and locally, as in Gainesville, Fla., where the city council last year authorized transgender individuals to use women's bathrooms in the city's businesses and public facilities. The ruling is at risk during March's elections, when a ballot measure may amend the city charter to eliminate accommodations for transgender individuals.

Interested in influencing policy decisions? Drop in our your federal representatives during the National Center for Transgender Equality's 5th Annual Lobby Days in Washington, D.C., April 26-28, 2009.

Still in school? Join the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network ( GLSEN ) for a new national day of action Feb. 27. TransAction! is a day for education about and celebration of transgender and gender-nonconforming people. To honor the date, GLSEN encourages students to organize a workshop, panel discussion or similar forum about gender, gender identity and gender roles. . . .Read More

Waiting on the world to change

While others resist, Columbus grants the transgender community an identity

January 21, 2009
Just two weeks ago, Cynthia Nicole was gunned down in the streets of Honduras—three shots to the chest, one to the head—because she was a transgender human rights activist, according to the Human Rights Watch website. A familiar story, it said, in Nepal, Africa, Guatemala, the United States—well, everywhere it seems, except…Columbus?

While transmen and women across the world face deadly consequences for their condition, widely accepted by clinical psychiatrists to be determined in utero, here in Columbus, our people and laws reflect a uniquely open arms policy toward individuals who feel trapped in the body of the wrong gender. In fact, according to a local psychologist, the U.S. transgender population is flocking to Columbus, seeking solace from a world that would rather destroy, than support, those with gender dysphoria. . . .Read More