Sunday, July 27, 2008

In The Life: Beauty on the Black Market

"For transgender women who are low income, the ability to 'pass' as a female can make the difference in being able to simply get a job, put food on the table or avoid the very real threat of violence. The stakes are higher for trans-women and some women will go to some pretty extreme measures to enhance their feminine appearance. In this episode's final segment, In the Life explores this important health issue for the trans community." msvamplatex

Who Are We and Why are We Moving to Boston?


May-July 2008

My name is Kyle and I am a 28 year old FTM. For the past five years I have been teaching high school English in Los Angeles. While my passion has always been for writing, I began my teaching career in Newton, Massachusetts after I received my undergraduate degree (in English and American Literature with a concentration in Creative Writing Poetry) from Brandeis University in 2002. Dissatisfied with the toll teaching has taken on my writing life, I am moving back to the Boston area to begin an MFA in Creative Writing Poetry at Emerson College. . . .Read More

On “The Transgender Child” and new transgender narratives

Mik Danger

July 26, 2008

About two weeks ago I finished reading Stephanie Brill and Rachel Pepper’s new book “The Transgender Child: a handbook for families and professionals”. The book is incredibly well done, and while some of its suggestions are vague, the vagueness is a direct result of the great gender diversity transyouth (and adults) can have. Brill and Pepper do a good job of not pining and specific template of transgender identity on these youth. However, I was disappointed by the incredibly short sections on intersecting identity. For youth with (other) disabilities the section basically translated as "good luck!" and for the section on religious and ethnic intersections, it could be translated as "some communities are difficult, but your child is worth it". The book was written with a heterosexual married white adult in mind who has a well-paying job and is able-bodied. There were attempts to steer away from that metaidentity, but they weren't too successful. I feel compelled to forgive, as the book is still invaluable, and be upset because by now we should know better. . . .Read More

India: On the frontline


27 July 2008

As Rose, the host of ‘Ippadikku Rose’, fights to realign rigid notions about gender and sexuality, it’s worth asking if we know what tolerance really means.

As Rose says: “What about my hobbies, my friends, my skills? There’s so much more to me.”

Transgender: An umbrella term that represents a whole range of people from drag queens to transvestites to eunuchs. I am headed towards my first social encounter with one. But I am not yet sure just what Rose is. All I have is a woman’s name, a man’s voice and a celebrity status as talk-show anchor.

I am curious but also wary, a fastidious shrinking from meeting another tedious exhibitionist. Aravanis are characteristically loud, aggressive and lewd. Rose has chosen to challenge this stereotype and her on-screen personality is intriguing, which is why I am in this narrow street in the bowels of West Mambalam, reluctant to ask for directions. . . .Read More

In transgender circles, silicone is a risky shot at womanhood

By Malcolm Venable
The Virginian-Pilot
© July 27, 2008

One Saturday evening in spring, female impersonators strutted, sashayed and lip-synched to R&B and gospel songs at a Norfolk banquet hall while guests showered them with dollar bills. People feasted on a down-home spread of green beans, fried chicken and macaroni, on tables sprinkled with confetti.

Presiding over it all in a crimson evening gown was Vega Perry, who played the part of the regal, occasionally bawdy hostess. . . .Read More

LAMBETH: Transgender Episcopal Priest Speaks out at Canterbury

By Hans Zeiger

July 25, 2008

CANTERBURY-The Rev. Dr. Cameron Partridge, a transgender Episcopal priest from the Diocese of Massachusetts, spoke Friday at a Lambeth Conference "fringe" event along with four other transgender people. A former female with a PhD from Harvard in early Christian thought and sex and gender, Partridge transitioned to maleness about six years ago. He has served part-time as priest at St. Luke's and St. Margaret's Episcopal Church in Allston, Massachusetts since June 2006.

Partridge, who has a partner, said that the current debate in the Anglican Communion about homosexual inclusion is difficult for transgender Anglicans. "We feel it's implicitly about us," he said, adding his reservations about the oversimplified sex and gender categories in which the debate is carried on. "It may be overwhelming to add us into this ... I think there's a lot more complexity and richness that we haven't yet recognized. If adding trans into the debate helps us to recognize complexity, I actually think that will be a good thing." . . .Read More