Monday, September 15, 2008

Transgender : Faith of the Heart

"This film is meant to be encouraging and hopefully inspirational. I know it's been a while since I did a transgender ralated film and I hope this one doesn't disappoint." ericaravenwood

Gender variance is not a disorder

Classifying transgender people as having a mental disability ignores society's intolerant attitudes

by Marisa Christensen

September 15, 2008

In an April 2007 edition of "20/20," viewers were introduced to "gender identity disorder," a medical classification for people who do not exhibit the characteristics that are assigned to their gender. On its Web site, ABC News published an article written by the American Psychological Association entitled "What is Gender Identity Disorder?" providing information on how to detect this disorder in children, adolescents and adults.

According to the APA, an individual who has gender identity disorder displays signs of uneasiness about performing the gender role of his or her sex. The individual cannot be intersex; instead, they must be born in a body that is considered entirely female or male, at least in terms of biology.

Additionally, the individual's desire to identify as a different gender must transcend "any perceived cultural advantages of being the other sex." I suppose this means that if I want to dress like a man so that I can earn $1 doing a job that would pay a woman 75 cents, then I'm O.K. But if I feel like doing it for some reason other than privilege, then it's a disorder.
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Ruling Inspires New Hope For Transgender People

By Ann E. Marimow

15 September 2008

To Allyson Robinson, it means accompanying her young children to public restrooms in Montgomery County without worrying that someone will call the police.

For Colleen Fay, it brings the hope that the next time she applies for a driver's license she won't be badgered about her previous life as a man.

And for Chloe Schwenke, it means other people like her will be able to enjoy the job security she has found in her international development work in the District.

With the decision by Maryland's highest court last week to block a referendum petition, Montgomery County's law banning discrimination against transgender people takes effect immediately.

The measure, passed by the County Council last year, prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations. It was to take effect in February but was put on hold when some religious and conservative groups launched a petition drive. . . .Read More

Transsexual Modelmania

16 September 2008

by Brianna Austin


With all the hype that has been surrounding the lead up to appearance of ISIS, the transgender model that will appear on America’s Next Top Mode season premiere, I couldn’t help wondering what all the excitement was about.

ANTM is bathing in all the media hype, Janice Dickinson is sniping Oh, please, I did it on my show first with Claudia,” (in an interview that appeared on New York and Simon Doonan -- Barney's creative director and author of "Eccentric Glamour" – said he agreed with Dickinson that the world of high fashion might be ready for a transgender model. . . .Read More