Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Husband Wears My Clothes

In May, 2006 WE television presented Secret Lives of Women Married to Crossdressers. This is the story of Melanie, a married, heterosexual crossdresser and wife.

Largo Commissioner Andy Guyette: Why he voted to oust Steve Stanton

By LORRI HELFAND, Times Staff Writer

April 18, 2008

Ask Andy Guyette about his most trying times as a city commissioner and of course he mentions Steve Stanton. ¶ "It was the hardest period of my life outside of my father's death," said Guyette, 50, who resigned last week to take a job in Huntsville, Ala.

Early last year, the news that Stanton planned to have a sex-change operation turned Largo City Hall into the center ring of a media circus.

Commissioners got thousands of e-mails. TV satellite trucks took over the parking lot. Hundreds of protesters packed City Commission meetings.

And in the end, Guyette voted to dismiss a city manager with a string of favorable evaluations.

Many said the vote was bigoted.

"It was bad enough having to make the decision," Guyette said. "The repercussions added to it."

In response, he said his decision was based on what he learned about Stanton's leadership, not who he was as a person. . . .Read More

'You're going to be gay'

Maggie Downs

18 April 2008

"Stereotypes are funny," said Shann Carr, stirring a cup of tea at Michael's Diner in Rancho Mirage.

She flips her book open to a page of a girl in a football uniform.

"It might not be politically correct, but sometimes stereotypes are there for a reason," she said.

Carr, a lesbian stand-up comedian, is the author of a new book, "You're Going to be Gay!"

She points to a photo of a boy in a spandex figure skating outfit.

"I mean, come on!" she laughed. "He knew!"

The soft-cover book contains the childhood photos of 50 gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender adults, alongside funny quotes about growing up gay.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. . . .Read More

Transgender pefrormances front and center in touring cavalcade

By Erin Frustaci


Though many theatrical performances boast about being one of a kind, The Tranny Roadshow truely fits the bill. As co-organizer, Jamez Terry of Maine, would say, it’s simply something no one else is doing and isn’t something that is typically seen.

But that was the point all along.

Terry, along with Kelly Shortandqueer (yes, that’s the last name he uses) of Denver, started The Tranny Roadshow in 2005 because they wanted to go on tour. It didn’t take them long to discover just how many other transgender performers had similar dreams.

“A lot of trans-performing artists are trying to make it on their own,” Terry said. “This is a chance for people dealing with the same experiences to work together and reach a larger audience. It allows the audience to see the diversity that exists in the trans community.”

Beyond just looking for the best talent, Terry said performers are purposefully selected to represent a rage of experiences. The group is made up of individuals in their ’20s to late ’70s of both feminine and masculine identities, from various parts of the country with a variety of ethnic backgrounds and family structures. . . .Read More

Transgender workshop offers interview, resume tips


April 18, 2008

The first Transgender Job Preparedness Workshop will be held April 25 at AID Atlanta.

“We’re facilitating the free [workshop] to offer trans-identified individuals resume writing tips, interview tips,” said Tracee McDaniel, founder of the Juxtaposed Center for Transformation, sponsor of the event.

“We have everyday life needs that need to be taken care of while waiting for the political process” to work for transgender people, said McDaniel, who is transgender. “This is a way to help alleviate economic strains we face.” . . .Read More