Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Eddie Izzard - Dentists

Eddie's comments on dentistry. . .(the color on that set sure beats any dentist's office I've ever seen!)

Kelantan Religious Officers Arrested Transgender Women.

July 30, 2008

Tilted World

The Kelantan Islamic Religious Affairs Department sent a clear message to transgenders all over the world. Do not come to this conservative state in Malaysia if you identify as a transgender, or even as a transsexual. We will arrest you, jail you and fine you if we find you dressed up as women. It is reported in The Star on Friday, these Kelantanese religious moral guardians arrested young adult transgenders at a beauty pageant held within a nearby resort. The Malaysian Insider reported the arrest of 16 out of 50 contestants from all over the country, while 3 managed to escape by dangerously diving into the river, during this contest called the “Glam Nite Miss Universe Asia 2008″ at Tok Bali, Bachok.

Abdul Aziz Mohd Nor, chief assistant director of the religious group, was mentioned saying “activities of the transsexuals, including dressing up like women, were against Islamic practices”. By the picture of those busted, some were indeed transsexuals. So this begets the question, how much do Mr. Abdul Aziz know about transsexuals? Transsexuals (a sub-entity of transgenders) are a group of people that can now be reasoned medically and socially as women. They are not dragging around in women’s clothes. As for the “activities”, is it not normal for women to enter beauty pageants? . . .Read More

Woman born a man demands right to marry

29 July 2008

A woman, who was born a man but was legally declared female following gender reassignment surgery, filed a Constitutional application today claiming that a previous court decision stopping her from getting married was in breach of her human rights and subjected her to degrading and inhuman treatment.

Joanne Cassar explained that she was born a man and, ever since she was a child, she felt she was female. When she was old enough she had gender reassignment surgery and, some time after, the court upheld her request to alter her gender annotation to female on her birth certificate.

She eventually applied for the issuing of her marriage banns to marry her partner but the director of Public Registry objecting and she took her case to court. . . .Read More

Ask Deepak: Transgender Ex-Boyfriend

July 29, 2008


My (now ex-)boyfriend wants to be a woman, but has not opened up to me about this. It is so obvious but he remains in denial and refuses to get anywhere near the subject. How do we best deal with each other on this because we remained on good terms since we still care greatly about each other. Here’s the situation:

I love him for his spirit, for who he is by nature, he does not love me and shuts me out because I get too close and deep to his reality. He now only wants my friendship as a ‘female very close friend’ to safely keep pulling through life as a man for the outside world. I have already told him that I am in love with his spirit, unconditionally, and that a spirit has no gender. I encourage him to let himself flourish and no longer hide this ‘deep dark secret’ as he calls it. He is a wonderful, beautiful person with qualities he never allowed to flourish.

After reading several accredited reports about transgender and transvestite behavior, the confrontation was mega-hard for me to deal with because what I read could have been his life story, so exact: Coming from a very strict Christian upbringing (you go to hell if you’re gay or lesbian and to heaven if you serve), having lived in a male environment all his life, riding a huge Harley Davidson, two failed marriages, and keeping up a tough appearance, his true nature must stay in hiding. He has been trapping himself all of his live, doesn’t know what he wants or who he is, has no goals, cannot plan, cannot commit, is always restless and on the run. A constant battle between his male and female side, mindboggling and so very hard to get a grip on. . . .Read More