Monday, July 16, 2007

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Captain Jan, the transsexual Para, sues the Army for unfair dismissal

By ELIZABETH DAY - More by this author » Last updated at 22:45pm on 14th July 2007

The first transsexual officer in the Armed Forces is set to sue the Ministry of Defence for unfair dismissal and sexual discrimination.

Jan Hamilton, a former male captain in the Parachute Regiment who is now living as a woman, will lodge court papers claiming she was sexually discriminatedagainst and unfairly dismissed in April from a £45,000-a-year post.

Captain Hamilton, 42, had been due to become head of media relations for the British Army in Gibraltar in May.

But after she refused to turn up at a medical examination dressed in a male uniform – which her lawyers argue would have been 'humiliating and demeaning' – the job offer was withdrawn.

Her lawyers have, to no avail, repeatedly sought an informal meeting with her Army bosses to settle the issue out of court. Captain Hamilton has now been without a salary for four months and has racked up several thousand pounds in legal bills.

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Captain Jan: The transexual Para

'I would have been happy if someone had just asked me to come in for coffee to discuss what I was going through,' she says. 'All I want is to carry on working for the Army in an equal-opportunities capacity.' . . .

Whole Foods broadens reach

Grocery store will anchor gay community center in East Lakeview neighborhood

By Mary Ellen Podmolik
Special to the Tribune
Published July 16, 2007

Compared with its other area stores, the Whole Foods Market scheduled to open July 25 in East Lakeview will be unique in its broader range of prepared foods and its wine-sampling machine.

But what the natural and organic food chain is really touting, and what sets it apart in Chicago and nationally, is its location as the anchor tenant in the Center on Halsted, a recently opened gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community center.

Although Whole Foods is thought to be the first retailer of its size to anchor a gay community center in the U.S., the retailer views its location as more of a gold mine than a gamble, given the population density of its neighborhood just east of Wrigley Field and its demographics.

Store manager Tom Marciniak expects the 40,000-square-foot store, which along with two other Chicago-area openings this summer will bring the chain's local count to 13, to be one of the area's best stores in terms of sales volume.

Whole Foods' move comes at a time when mainstream corporate America is increasing its efforts to woo gay and lesbian consumers.

Ad spending in gay and lesbian print media totaled $223.3 million last year, up 5.2 percent from 2005 and an increase of 205 percent compared with a decade ago, according to The Gay Press Report, an annual study by Prime Access Inc. and Rivendell Media Co. In 2006, more than 180 Fortune 500 brands actively advertised in gay media, compared with 150 brands in 2004 and 19 brands in 1994.


photography and text by Jane Lavender

What is Meta-Genesis?

Meta - at a later state in development
Genesis - the origin or coming into existence

Truth and honor of Transexuals through Photography and personal literary espression.

Echo's of one's heart is shared in spoken and written words, photographs are taken, bonding and respect I offer. I return home to create a visual moment of truth.

Art and Transition

A Columbia photographer illuminates the lives of the Transgender community


Jane Lavender, a local photographer, created “Meta-Genesis” to show people who transgenders are. She has been working on the project for two years and believes “every person has a story.”

July 16, 2007 | 12:00 a.m. CST

About a year ago, photographer Jane Lavender sat at her dining room table, carefully pairing the words of her subjects with their black-and-white images. As the hours passed, Lavender laid scraps of sentences across the film, giving voice to a group of people who have spent much of their lives in the shadows.

“I live in survival mode — one day at a time.” . . .