Saturday, July 21, 2007

There's Something About Miriam - The Reveal

Interview with a Kuwaiti transsexual

by Esra'a (Bahrain)

A few weeks ago, I talked to a Kuwaiti transsexual who agreed to be interviewed for this website. Now that we’re done with the process it’s time for us to share the result! So, below you will find an interview with a transsexual in the Gulf, something you never see in the Arab (or regional) media. . . .

Video: Transgender woman in Scottsdale Arizona speaks out after filing discrimination

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TRANSGENDERED; A look at the lives of two individuals who have a strong desire to become members of the opposite sex

Stradiotto, Laura
Local News - Saturday, July 21, 2007 @ 09:00

Editor's note: At their request, the people in the following story are referred to in their felt-gender (not born gender).

Starr Danyals is in the initial stage of her transition. It's a process that will take years and could cost more than $20,000, but Danyals hopes it will bring inner peace.

"It's something I've always known, that the inside of me wasn't exactly reflected on the outside," Danyals said.

"As a child I always played with girls' toys, I always related to the female role.

"I remember being two years old and playing with my mother's clothing, her lipstick and her jewelry."

Today, Danyals is wearing an East Indian-inspired blouse and skirt with matching bandanna. Her eyes and eyebrows are outlined in black eyeliner, but a faint stubble is visible in the sunlight.

Danyals wishes to "go all the way" and have surgery to become a woman - although emotionally she feels like she's been a woman for most of her life.

When Danyals started performing in drag about 10 year ago, it was the most comfortable she had felt in a long time.

"When I was in drag, I had a better self-esteem, I had a better self-worth. I felt attractive and that was something I never felt like as a man."

Starr Danyals, born Daniel Valiquette, is transgendered. According to a 2000 Ontario Human Rights Commission report, Danyals belongs to one of the most "disadvantaged and disenfranchised" groups in society.

Transgendered is a term that describes, but is not limited to, cross dressers, transvestites and transsexuals - a group of people who experience a high level of harassment and discrimination based on their appearance and identification. . . .