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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for the future India Thanks for the global future too!! Please rate this funny animation, thank you. Wish you happy new year -kidsone

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 with 24 candles

24 CANDLES, FIRE, WORDS / how to wish you an happy new year 2010 with 24 candles video by - NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond
for BHAKTI PRODUCTION Dominique Mermoud Smith -
music "Whitehair Child" by ALOAN -
© 2009 NOTsoNOISY Guillaume Reymond

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shana tova
my remix 2 the legendery theme by the muppets, and happy new year 2 u all!

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'Original Plumbing': new magazine celebrates the diversity of trans men

By Matt Kailey

December 17, 2009

Trans men, their admirers, and anyone else interested in transmasculine people and lives have a new source for entertainment, information, and super-hot photos of super-hot trans guys. Original Plumbing (note: some mature themes), the brainchild of photographer and writer Amos Mac and rapper and producer Rocco Kayiatos (Katastrophe), is a new quarterly magazine that highlights the diversity of the transmasculine population. . . . Read More

Making major changes: five trans suggestions for non-trans people

By Matt Kailey

December 30, 2009

Going through transition from female to male or male to female is a huge and life-changing step. While transition is not a choice — for most trans people, it is medically necessary and often life-saving — non-trans people can take guidance from trans experience in making changes of their own.

If you are contemplating a major change — and at this time of year, it is often a given — consider the following as you prepare your New Year’s resolutions, especially if those changes you desire will seriously affect you and those around you. . . .Read More

Amanda Simpson: transgender woman appointed to Department of Commerce

By Matt Kailey

December 31, 2009

The National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) has issued the following press release:

Amanda Simpson, who has served on NCTE's Board of Directors for the past three years, has been appointed by the Obama Administration as a Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce. She'll be working in the Bureau of Industry and Security.

“I'm truly honored to have received this appointment and am eager and excited about this opportunity that is before me,” said Simpson. “And at the same time, as one of the first transgender presidential appointees to the federal government, I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others.” . . . .Read More

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

156 Countries Sing Together for the Starbucks Love Project

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No plans for Semenya to sue

Dec 29, 2009 | By Sapa

There were "absolutely" no plans for Caster Semenya to sue the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and Athletics South Africa (ASA), says her lawyer.

Greg Nott, of the international law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf who represented Semenya on a pro bono basis, said internet reports that she was planning to sue the two athletics organisations for an amount of over R1 billion were "absolute nonsense". . . .Read More

Holly Woodlawn Musical to Premiere Off-Broadway?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - by BWW News Desk

The Village Voice is reporting that plans are in the works to bring a new Holly Woodlawn musical to an off-Broadway theatre. The blog reports that the writing team will include Penny Rockwell and Lance Cruz, who will also star as Holly. Additional expected casting will include drag stars Brandon Olson and Jackie Curtis.

Holly Woodlawn is a transsexual and former Warhol superstar, who appeared in his movies Trash (1970) and Women in Revolt (1972). Her life was summarized by Lou Reed in his song "Walk on the Wild Side": "Holly came from Miami FLA, / hitch-hiked her way across the USA, / plucked her eyebrows on the way, / shaved her legs, and then he was a she..." . . .Read More

India's transsexuals try Internet dating

A new site offers to help people born as men but living as women find husbands in a country where marriage remains the bedrock of society and gender and sexuality are still conservatively defined.

"Many men are attracted to transgender women, but when it comes to commitment they don't want to do it," the founder of the website, Kalki, who uses one name, explained to AFP. . . .Read More

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Helping Youths Who Struggle With Identity

By Jennifer 8. Lee

December 28, 2009

Vidari DeGuzman was a New York City teenager searching for acceptance when he first came to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, a service organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youths. Now 24 and with reassignment surgery behind him, he is a youth worker at the institute, located in the East Village. . . .Read More

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Makeup Tips for Transsexuals

In this video, I give makeup advice aimed at transsexual women (and crossdressers) who want to use makeup to make themselves more passable. I also teach you how to do a simple makeup look suitable for going out with friends.

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Two And A Half Men: Transsexual (1)

A scene out of two and a half men season 1 episode 18: an old flame with a new wick...

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Two and a half Men: transexual (2)

It's the end of the episode in which Charlie meets an old girlfriend, who became a man...
This man started a relationship with his mother, and this resulted in awkward situations...

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Transgender in Prison

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India hosts its first ever transsexual beauty pageant

December 18, 2009

. . .Read More

Requiem for Mike Penner/Christine Daniels

Kevin Roderick

December 18, 2009

The Daily Beast's Jacob Bernstein is the first writer who wasn't a friend to put together a somewhat lengthy examination of the months leading up to Mike Penner's suicide. In Requiem for a Transexual Sportswriter, he describes Penner becoming more and more reclusive, even after he dropped his identity as Christine Daniels. Christine Kahrl, the transexual writer for Baseball Prospectus, also discusses her advice against that Daniels not write the highly-read Los Angeles Times piece that announce her transformation. . . .Read More

My Word: Treating transgender children as mentally ill creates the problem

By Rafael Pineda and Maria Jose Munoz

December 17, 2009

We second Kerry Cook's gratitude to the Alameda Unified School District for creating the Community Advisory Committee, albeit for entirely different reasons. We are thankful that the district is working to create a more inclusive and tolerant environment in our schools.

She says, "Our hearts are broken for all the elementary school children who are being taught that a mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder ... is a normal behavior called transgender."

As parents of a beautiful, happy and healthy transgender child attending school in Alameda, our hearts are broken by the thousands of gender-nonconforming children who face violence, verbal and sexual harassment, increased dropout rates and institutional bias — and who take their own lives at three times the rate of their peers — largely because they have been diagnosed as mentally ill and treated accordingly.

We can assure Kerry Cook that our child and many more transgender children and adults we know are far from being mentally ill. . . .Read More

Embrace diversity of transgenders


NST OnLine

Since the media went to town with Fatine Young's immigration dilemma, questions have arisen on whether our society lacks compassion and kindness when it comes to transgenders. AUDREY VIJAINDREN speaks to experts and religious leaders who believe it's time Malaysians vacate the judgement seat and adopt a more sympathetic approach.

RUDE whistling from passing cars, derogatory name-calling and warding off items that are hurled in their direction are only some of the many things Malaysian transgenders have had to live with for years.

The story of transsexual Fatine Young, 36, who married a British man and is about to be deported to Malaysia for overstaying, is yet another plight of a transgender.

But as the world evolves and society advances, is it time we got off our high horses and started acting more humane? Whether their courage and lifestyle is right or wrong, admirable or sinful, do transgenders deserve less respect and dignity than anyone else?

PT acting executive director and Pink Triangle programme director, Raymond Tai, believes there is much misunderstanding and ignorance among many Malaysians regarding transgenders.

"There is so much misconception on what it means to be a transgender, transsexual, transvestite or gay. Because people do not understand what each term means, there is confusion and a tendency to make moral judgments. . . .Read More

Monday, December 14, 2009

Genderqueer, Gender Querying

Jason talks about exploring gender, growing up as a genderfluid person with a penis, the fun that can be had playing with gender, and being a trans activist.

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GenderVision: Transgender in the Workplace

The 10th installment of the cutting-edge video program, GenderVision, dives into employment issues faced by transgender persons. As transgender people work towards fair and equal protection of their right to work, at both state and federal levels, many grapple with the realities of being singled out for mistreatment in the workplace. Ethan St. Pierre, former police officer & security supervisor, and female-to-male transsexual talks about his experience of being harassed and fired simply because of his gender. Alishia Ouelette, firefighter and male-to-female transsexual talks about her experience as a firefighter in Danvers, where she remains on the job after undergoing intense public scrutiny.

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TransFM celebrates "The 13 Days of Christmas"

December 13, 2009

by Matt Kailey

TransFM Internet Broadcasting Network, a “network of voices who share experiences, thoughts and ideas on the topics of gender, sexuality, politics and much more,” will broadcast live during the holiday season with “The 13 Days of Christmas,” beginning Sunday, December 13 and running through December 25. Broadcast hours will be 5 p.m. to midnight EST from December 13-24, and 10 a.m. to midnight EST on December 25.

TransFM founder and creator Ethan St. Pierre says, “We have a wide variety of shows planned, with guests that will surely entertain, intrigue, and provoke emotion. We realize that the holiday season can be a lonely time for people in our community, and we would like to bring you friendly voices from people who care about our community and care about you. We will have our phone lines open 24/7 during our holiday broadcasts for those who wish to join in the conversation either on or off the air. Please give us a call at 978-518-1835.” . . .Read More

Jenny Jones chooses Houston TG Center for 'Jenny's Heroes' grant

December 9, 2009

by Matt Kailey

Talk show host Jenny Jones surprised Cristan Williams, director of Houston’s Transgender Foundation of America (TFA), on December 7 with a phone call informing Williams that she had been chosen as a “Hometown Hero.”

Williams applied to receive a “Jenny’s Heroes” grant of $5,000 to purchase trans-related books for the Foundation’s TG Center library and was chosen from thousands of applicants to receive the money. . . .Read More

Gender-reassigned face health hurdles: study

December 12, 2009

by Stuart Roberts

This year 60 people have applied to change their sex in Sweden. Most gender-reassigned people achieve a better life through their surgery, but a new study shows that the risk of attempted suicide and psychological problems remains high, Dagens Nyheter reports.

“For most transsexual people, their life improves, but it’s not easy immediately after the operation,” Cecilia Dhejne, a scientist and doctor at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, told the newspaper.

Her study shows that transsexuals have a five times higher risk of being treated for attempted suicide compared to a control group. They also receive psychiatric care three times more frequently than others, the study, which has not yet been published, reveals. . . .Read More

New discovery: gene keeps ovaries from turning into testes

December 11, 2009

by Matt Kailey

British and German scientists believe they have discovered a gene that maintains the function of the ovaries, according to the UK's Daily Mail.

When the gene was switched off in adult female mice, another gene became active, literally changing ovarian cells to those found in testes, which also led to the production of testosterone in the mice.

Scientists say that this could have implications for delaying menopause — and motherhood. In addition, it could have implications for transsexual people as far as manipulating the hormones that the body is able to naturally produce.

The article says that it could eliminate the need for some surgeries for transsexual people, although it does not really explain how. It’s possible that ovaries could be turned into testes that produced testosterone for female-to-male trans people. . . .Read More

Fatine remains resilient

"I will never leave Ian….for only death can tear us apart"

by Joe Lee

December 14, 2009

KUALA LUMPUR: Fatine Young has not said much to the Malaysian media after the story of his immigration woes were picked up by local news agencies two weeks ago.

Many parties have chastised Fatine, a pre-op transsexual whose real name is Mohammed Fazdil Min Bahari.

The 36-year-old has been living in Spondon, Derby with his partner Ian Young, 30, since December last year.

After they met in Kuala Lumpur, Fatine had gone to England on a six-month tourist visa. It quickly became obvious to the couple that long-term arrangements would have to be made. Ian proposed to Fatine, and they applied to the Home Office to marry and subsequently had a civil ceremony in June at the Derby Register Office.

Since then, Fatine had twice applied for a visa to remain permanently in England but has been turned down by British government officials.

Now, he is hoping it will be third time lucky after sending another application, this time appealing to stay under the Human Rights Act and the right to a family life. . . .Read More

Sunday, December 06, 2009

transsexuality and the college

Star Jones show presents an interesting interview with a couple of transgender people, in wich they talked about their experiences in the college when they decided to go there, with their real personality.

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Sissy Show: I'm Just A Cowboy Transvestite

Created in 2003 by Christine Howey and Katherine Harvey, The Sissy Show is a musical revue that provides a humorous and bittersweet exploration of the personal and social joys and sorrows of people whose bodies and lives do not quite match their internal sense of their gender. The show features 25 songs done in a variety of musical styles ranging from pop, rock, R&B, and hip hop to Gilbert & Sullivan, cowboy songs, jazz ballads and salsa. The songs deal with the many unusual occurrences- from the comical to the tragic- in the lives of male-to-female transgender people.

I bought the soundtrack right before the website disappeared off the Internet, but I think it's a tragedy that nobody knows about this awesome musical, so I'd like to share its amazing songs with the rest of the world. If the owners of the material have any objection to it being here on Youtube, by all means, contact me and I will happily take it down.

I'm just a cowboy transvestite
Out on the range all alone
I'll sing you my song
And then I'll move on
In my high heels and eau de cologne.

I first knew there was something different
When I couldn't quite wrestle a calf
But I could braid hair, sew a quilt and prepare muskrat stew
In ten minutes flat. . . .Read More

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Vatican rebuke for cardinal over anti-gay comments

December 4, 2009


IN A most unusual move, senior Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi this week distanced the Holy See from highly controversial, anti-gay and anti-transsexual comments made by retired Vatican curia figure Cardinal Javier Barragán from Mexico.

In comments carried by the Italian news website Pontifex News, Cardinal Barragán, former president of the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Health Workers, said: “Transsexuals and homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it’s not me who says it but St Paul. People are not born homosexual, rather they become homosexual and for different reasons – education issues or because they did not develop their own identity during adolescence. It may not be their fault, but acting against nature and the dignity of the human body is an insult to God.” . . .Read More

Live and let live

December 6, 2009

Sharing The Nation by ZAINAH ANWAR

Iran allows Muslim transsexuals to undergo sex reassignment surgery and the government even pays for it. Malaysia, Egypt and other Muslim countries allow such surgery for Muslims only if they are born with sexual organs of both male and female.

The story of Fatine, the 36-year-old transsexual married to a British man and about to be deported to Malaysia for overstaying, once again brings to light the intense discrimination that transgender people suffer in Malay­sia.

If I were Fatine, I too would be worried for my safety and well-being upon returning to Malaysia. The prospect of life here would be grim after all the publicity.

The Director-General of Immigration has accused her of “having brought great shame” to Malaysia and threatened her with a travel ban, depending on the severity of her case. And she could also be charged for cross- dressing under the Syariah Criminal Offences Act and be fined and/or imprisoned. . . .Read More

Japan transsexual queen wants her country more tolerant


December 4, 2009

TOKYO — Japanese TV personality Ai Haruna said she wants her country to be more tolerant toward people of diverse sexual orientations, a month after she was crowned the world's most beautiful transsexual.

Haruna, 37, already a household name in Japan, was chosen Miss International Queen 2009 at a pageant in Thailand last month after judges picked her over runners-up from the host country and Brazil.

"I was surprised to see many transgender people work at hotels and restaurants with no problem in Thailand," she said at a Tokyo press conference.

"Japan can learn many things from other Asian nations like Thailand and the Philippines." . . .Read More

In a 21-0 vote, Cleveland passes protections for transgender people

December 4, 2009

by Eric Resnick

Cleveland--By a unanimous vote, City Council passed an ordinance protecting transgender citizens from employment and housing discrimination by gender identity or expression on November 30.

The measure updated the city’s existing equal rights code, which already includes sexual orientation.

The same evening, councils in Akron and Summit County passed human rights ordinances that include both sexual orientation and gender identity (see stories).

With the new measures, all of Ohio’s six largest cities now have such ordinances. Eleven more in smaller towns mean that a fifth of the state’s population is covered by an LGBT anti-bias measure. (No state or federal equality law provides any protection, although a measure passed by the Ohio House now awaits Senate action.) . . .Read More

Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking Back: For some, shadow of regret cast over gender switch


By Steve Friess, special for USA TODAY

The day Mike Penner left the Los Angeles Times made the news. The longtime sportswriter wrote the article himself, a personal essay explaining that he was taking some time off and, upon his return, he would be known from then on as Christine Daniels.

Penner's public acknowledgment in April 2007 that he was transgender and would soon live as a woman shocked the world of sports journalism and turned his new identity, Daniels, into an instant celebrity. Daniels gave speeches, was profiled in Sports Illustrated, collected honors for courage from transgender groups and wrote a blog for the Times titled "Woman In Progress."

Except that the transition didn't last. In mid-October 2008, after a lengthy leave of absence, Penner, 51, returned to the sports pages and the Times newsroom as a man.

And just as suddenly, Penner's story, heralded in its early days as a triumphant example of transgender progress, has instead become a cautionary tale of the lesser-known phenomenon: transgender regret. . . .Read More

Looking Back: About The "Real Life Experience" and Detransitioning

by Autumn Sandeen

Oct 24, 2008

[Note: LenaD has a related diary entitled The road not taken on the same subject as this diary, but with a somewhat different take. ~~Autumn~~]

Some days I hate my job at Pam's House Blend, and this is definitely one of those days. I really need to explain what the Real Life Experience [(RLE) -- also referred to as the Real Life Test (RLT)] is and why some transsexuals detransition...And, this is because the person I met as Christine Daniels is apparently detransitioning (also called retransitioning) to Mike Penner.

Basically, I need to separate the personal from the professional when discussing how detransitioning fits into transsexual experience -- a sometime component of transitioning sexes -- and yet on the very personal level I wish it weren't at the impetus of someone I've known and care deeply about that's leading me to discuss the subject.

But life is what it is. . . .Read More

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Looking Back: Interview with Christine Daniels on NPR

Sportswriter Embarks On New Life As A Woman

August 15, 2007

Three months ago, Mike Penner was a longtime sports columnist for The Los Angeles Times. Then he wrote a dramatic goodbye column and disappeared for several weeks.

"I am a transsexual sportswriter," Penner wrote. "It has taken more than 40 years, a million tears and hundreds of hours of soul-wrenching therapy for me to work up the courage to type those words. I realize many readers and colleagues and friends will be shocked to read them." . . .Read More and Listen

My Transgender Story

A process of self-discovery and self-acceptance

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Mike Penner dies at 52; Los Angeles Times sportswriter

Penner had been a columnist and covered the Olympics, the Angels, World Cup soccer, tennis and sports media for The Times. In 2007, he announced that he was a transsexual.

by Keith Thursby

29 November 2009

Mike Penner, a longtime Los Angeles Times sportswriter who made headlines in 2007 when he announced that he was transsexual, has died. He was 52.

Penner was pronounced dead Friday evening at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, a Los Angeles County coroner's official said.

The cause of death has not been determined but was believed to be suicide.

"Mike was a first-rate journalist, a valued member of our staff for 25 years, and we will miss him," Times Editor Russ Stanton said. "He respected our readers a great deal, enough to share with them his very personal journey. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family." . . .Read More

Should State Pay for Convict's Sex Change?

Transgender Massachusetts Convict Presses Cash-Strapped Government for Electrolysis

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gwyneth Paltrow to Play Wife of Transsexual Nicole Kidman in New Flick

November 9, 2009


Gwyneth Paltrow has a gender-bending new role to add to her resume.

The actress, 37, has signed on to star in The Danish Girl opposite Nicole Kidman, in a role that brings the story of the first post-operative transsexual to the big screen. . . .Read More

Transsexual Model Fights Prejudice

By Park Si-soo

November 27, 2009

When it comes to sex, whether it refers to gender or sexual intercourse, Korea, built upon Confucianist ideals, has stayed very conservative.

But the strictness on sexual relations has become radically relaxed in recent years to the level that people believe women who keep their virginity until marriage are virtually "an endangered species."

Hostility against sexual minorities such as homosexuals and transsexuals, however, still remains robust, providing the grounds for many sexually straight people to see them as potential criminals, trouble makers or even transmitters of disease.

This invisible but obvious antagonism against sexual minorities here has served as an invincible hurdle to those trying to venture out of the closet. A couple of celebrities including male-turned-female singer Ha Ri-su, who made her debut in 2001, and Hong Seok-cheon, a male model and actor who came out as gay in 2002, have launched campaigns aimed at removing the negative images associated with those with a different sex. . . .Read More

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chaz Bono On GMA: Gender Is Between Your Ears, Not Between Your Legs

Chaz Bono On ABC's Good Morning America: Gender Is Between Your Ears, Not Between Your Legs - 11/19/09

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Sharing History and a Stage

True artists tend to follow their own internal systems. But there is something to be said about being of the same generation, which often prompts a certain kinship of values and ideas.

On Tuesday night, as part of Performa 09, Deborah Hay and Yvonne Rainer split a bill at the Baryshnikov Arts Center. It was the first time these two choreographers had shared a stage in more than 25 years, and the resulting two-hour program was an intelligent, idiosyncratic feast of works that reminded the audience of their Judson Dance Theater roots and showed how far each has traveled since those early experimental days.

Ms. Hay’s “If I Sing to You” offered her unmistakable, delicate brew of sense and nonsense. An American premiere, it featured an international cast of six women, several wearing scraggly facial hair appliqué and masculine clothing. (As with many aspects of Ms. Hay’s dances, which celebrate mutability, the performers can choose their gender each time.) . . .Read More

Can a Boy Wear a Skirt to School?

November 6, 2009

By Jan Hoffman

By now, most high school dress codes have just about done away with the guesswork.

Girls: no midriff-baring blouses, stiletto heels, miniskirts.

Boys: no sagging pants, muscle shirts.

But do the math.

“Rules” + “teenager” = “challenges.”

If the skirt is an acceptable length, can a boy wear it?

Can a girl attend her prom in a tuxedo?

In recent years, a growing number of teenagers have been dressing to articulate — or confound — gender identity and sexual orientation. Certainly they have been confounding school officials, whose responses have ranged from indifference to applause to bans. . . .Read More

Chaz Bono Explains What It Means to Be Transgender

By Teddy Partridge

November 21, 2009

Chaz Bono, whose mother and father Cher and Sonny Bono made sixties television fun for so many of us, explains to Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America the transition from being Chastity Bono. This is as good an explanation I have ever seen in the mass media of the process, thinking, and feelings of this extraordinary journey — from the viewpoint of the person. . . .Read More

Transgender Day of Remembrance observed at SMU

November 21, 2009

by David Taffet

The names of this year’s 120 transgender murder victims were read at a ceremony at Southern Methodist University on Friday to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance. Sheriff Lupe Valdez was the keynote speaker.

Because of rain, the ceremony was moved indoors. About 100 people filled the main hall of Hughes Trigg Student Center.

The names of each of the murder victims, when known, were read and followed by the method of murder and city where the hate crime took place. The identity of many of transgender murder victims is unknown. After each name, a bell was rung. . . .Read More

Transsexual woman linked to Italian politician Marrazzo dies in fire

November 21, 2009

by Matt Kailey

The BBC and Telegraph report that a Brazilian trans woman known as Brenda, who was linked to a scandal involving former Lazio Governor Piero Marrazzo of Italy, is believed to have died in a fire in her apartment.

A body believed to be that of Brenda was found in her apartment yesterday, November 20. Telegraph reports that magistrates are treating the death as a murder.

Marrazzo, an Italian politician who resigned after a video purported to show him with Brenda, admitted to having affairs with trans women, according to reports.

The BBC report says that Brenda had reported being threatened and robbed in the street, and had told friends that she was feeling depressed and suicidal. . . .Read More

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Transgender Center on ABC News

This is a news story on the Transgender Center in Houston, Texas.

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Generation B - Anything He Can Do, She Can Do


13 November 2009

IN September 1998, David Buechner, then 39, a prominent classical pianist, came out as a transgender woman, explaining that from then on, she would live and perform as Sara Davis Buechner. The pianist had been accustomed to rave reviews (at 24, David, in his New York City concert debut, was called “an extraordinary young artist” by a New York Times critic). But the debut as Sara, reported in a Times magazine article, was not so well received, even by loved ones. . . .Read More

17 years on the job in Dallas, Officer Joe became Officer Debbie


14 November 2009

After 17 years with the Dallas Police Department, Officer Joseph Grabowski showed up at work one day sporting makeup, a feminine hairstyle and a new first name: Deborah.

The 44-year-old officer was scared and relieved that the secret was finally out.

"I have always felt like a woman and, suddenly, everybody knew I was going to have the surgery to make it real," she said.

Because the city of Dallas does not offer health insurance coverage for sex-change operations, Grabowski paid for the costly procedure herself.

In recent years, a few cities – and a growing number of private employers – have decided to cover the cost of these surgeries, and the city of Fort Worth is considering whether to join them. . . .Read More

“Candy” Is The First Transsexual Fashion Magazine

by Leonora Epstein

November 13, 2009

The fashion industry may have a long-standing tendency to exclude certain groups and cultures, but more and more we’re seeing this change as people begin challenging the status quo. Now the transsexual community is getting a voice with a new style publication. Billed as “the first transversal fashion magazine,” Candy has just debuted its premiere issue in a limited-edition circulation of only 1,000 copies. . . .Read More

Artificial Penis Tissue Proves Promising in Lab Tests

by Charles Q. Choi

9 November 2009

One day artificial penis tissue could be grown to help men, new findings in rabbits now suggest.

After implantation with replacement tissue, lab rabbits that once had damaged penises had working organs and could produce offspring.

"Further studies are required, of course, but our results are encouraging and suggest that the technology has considerable potential for patients who need penile reconstruction," said researcher Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center's Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Such methods could potentially aid men who just want to enhance their normal penises, rather than repairing any damage.

"Our intent and the goal of our work is to provide a solution for men who need penile erectile tissue for medical reasons," Atala told LiveScience. "Of course, you cannot control how the technology is used in terms of what patients want.". . .Read More

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Transgender Day of Remembrance - list of 2009 Trans Deaths

The number of Transgender Deaths has doubled within one year. As of Oct 22 2009 there has been 95 deaths calculated the year year before there were 47.

We are people,
We have faces,
We have families,
We have friends,
We have lives,
We have value,
We have voices,
None of this should be taken away from any of us because of who we are.

Please to find a TDoR event near you and to see that statistics from the las year or years past.

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Bodyshock | Age 8 & Wanting A Sex Change | C4

The parents of a transgender child discuss why they have allowed their boy to make a decision to become a girl.

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Transsexual wins apology over passport


October 31, 2009

A TRANSSEXUAL has won a written apology from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the distress she experienced as a result of having to travel on a passport that identified her as a man.

Stefanie Imbruglia, 42 - a first cousin of the pop star Natalie Imbruglia - has also secured the department's agreement to other measures that amount to fairer treatment of transsexuals who apply for passports.

Ms Imbruglia had lived for two years as a woman before applying for a passport to travel to Thailand for sex realignment surgery in October 2007. She wanted her passport to identify her as a female. But the Howard government rescinded an established practice of issuing transsexuals who were to travel abroad for surgery a one-year limited passport in their nominated gender. . . .Read More

Miss International Queen: World's Largest Transsexual Pageant Raises Awareness

November 3, 2009

By Caroline McNaught

Beauty pageants get a bad rap for many stereotypes and promotion of shallow values, but the recent winner of Miss International Queen 2009 argues otherwise. Known as the world’s largest transsexual cabaret, the Miss International Queen pageant is seen as a platform not only to model swimsuits, but also to raise awareness for transgender issues.

The winner, Japan’s 37 year-old Haruna Ai, was overjoyed at press time, but also aware that her beauty and victory would not be well-received among all audiences, including her home country. “The way of life in Japan is more traditional and transsexuals cannot live freely, but in Thailand they can do what they want,” she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

. . .Read More

Evangelical outrage over play featuring transsexual Jesus

November 5, 2009


A controversial play which portrays Jesus as a transsexual woman was defended yesterday by its writer who has herself crossed the gender barrier to live as a woman.

Jesus, Queen of Heaven, has caused a storm of protest from Christian evangelical groups, who picketed the Tron Theatre in Glasgow when it opened this week.

However, their attacks have caused deep offence to the play’s author, who also acts the leading role. For Jo Clifford — formerly the playwright John Clifford — wrote the piece in an attempt to create greater understanding of transgendered people like herself.

The play’s opening night was attended by about 300 demonstrators. Roman Catholics joined evangelical Christians for a two-hour protest during which they waved placards and sang hymns. . . .Read More

Gender identity

Got a cross-dressing kid? Ease up on the validation, experts say—it may not be what you think.

By Patty Onderko, November 2009

A notorious hallmark of tristate parenting is well-intentioned overencouragement: If your toddler is into music, say, you pack your weekends with live performances and spend thousands on Music Together classes. If your kid happens to like apples, you take him to a pick-your-own orchard, teach him the botanical terms for the parts of a tree and expound on the hardships suffered by migrant laborers. And if your son likes to dress up as a princess, you take him to Disney World and buy him a licensed-reproduction gown.

My son, Cinderfella

The day Meredith H. picked up her son from his first day of preschool, the teacher greeted her and announced, “Oh my God, you have to see Sean. He looks adorable!” In another room, the three-year-old was dressed in a Minnie Mouse costume, grinning from ear to ear. “My heart just thumped,” recalls the Huntington, New York, mother of two. “I knew this was not going to be a one-time thing.”

Sean was never interested in the trucks and trains that his older brother, Liam, had been obsessed with at the same age, and he always gravitated toward girls as playmates. Sure enough, Meredith says, from then on “every day he’d walk into school, head straight for the dress-up section and put on a princess dress.” When the family visited Disney World later that year, both boys were allowed to pick out one souvenir. Liam chose a pirate costume; Sean chose a Sleeping Beauty gown with matching shoes. “He saw the dress hanging there and just said, ‘I want it.’ It was the first time he realized he could have a dress of his own. It was the sweetest thing.” . . .Read More

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Boy or Girl Question.

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Italian Left in turmoil after governor quits because of transsexual prostitute blackmail case

25 Oct 2009

Italy's main opposition party was in turmoil yesterday as its supporters voted in a primary to select a new leader after one of its high profile politicians was forced to step down because of a video apparently showing him with a transsexual prostitute.

Piero Marrazzo, who was once tipped as a future leader, announced just hours before the polls were due to open that he would resign as governor of Lazio.

Four policemen have been arrested for allegedly attempting to blackmail the 51-year-old over the apparent encounter in a Rome apartment. . . .Read More

The Sex of Athletes: One Issue, Many Variables

October 24, 2009

Track and field’s world governing body has begun trying to devise new rules about who can compete as a woman. This comes nearly two months after being presented with the case of Caster Semenya, the South African runner whose sex was questioned when she won the 800-meter world championship.

Let’s start with the reasonable assumption that we want to maintain gender segregation in most sports. It provides girls and women — half the planet’s population — a real hope of winning. Without that hope, many may not bother.

The pickle, then, is how to maintain that segregation in the face of apparent challenges. A Renée Richards or a Caster Semenya doesn’t come along too often, but often enough that there needs to be explicit rules about who is considered a woman. But what rules? . . .Read More

Transsexual marriage blessed by priest

October 26 2009

Rome - A priest in Italy on Sunday blessed the marriage of a 64-year-old transsexual to her 58-year-old male partner, in defiance of Vatican guidelines, the ANSA news agency reported.

Sandra Alvino - who underwent a sex change more than 30 years ago - and Fortunato Talotta had been in a civil partnership for 25 years before tying the knot in a religious ceremony in Piagge, an industrial suburb of Florence.

Father Alessandro Santoro gave his blessing to the marriage, which was attended by some 200 people, despite the Roman Catholic Church advising him not to go ahead with it. . . .Read More

Friday, October 23, 2009

MTF 10 month hormone effects

Sorry about the quality don't know how to clear it up. Basically just showing my changes I have experienced while being on hormones for 10 months.

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Judges barred from demanding doctor's notes in transgender name change cases

In a brief citing the Bible, Bob Dylan and Marilyn Monroe, lawyers argue asking for doctor's note violates rights

by Daniel Nasaw

October 23, 2009

After living for more than three years as a man, the person known on his drivers license as Leah Winn-Ritzenberg decided to change his name to match his identity.

A New York court clerk asked for a doctor's note proving Winn-Ritznberg's "need" to change his birth name to Olin. Now, an appellate court has struck down the requirement, saying the state has no business asking people who change their gender to prove it to a court, in a decision transgender advocates hail as a step for equality.

"The court is weighing in and saying transgender people need to be treated the same as anyone else," said Michael Silverman, executive director of the Transgender Legal Defence and Education Fund, which provided legal assistance. "We can't impose additional or different burdens upon people just because they're transgender." . . .Read More

Kings County Supreme Court rules transsexual father has standing to petition for custody of child

by Daniel Weaver

October 20, 2009

In a complex decision released yesterday, the Supreme Court of Kings County ruled that a transsexual father has standing to petition for custody of a non-biological child.

J.R. agreed to marry K.B. even though she knew K.B. was born a woman. K.B. took hormones and had done everything short of surgery to become the man she believed she was. J.R. eventually gave birth to a baby conceived through a third party sperm donor. In 2007 after the marriage between the couple had gone sour, both parents filed petitions for custody of the now five-year-old child. The mother's petition argued that:

" would be in the best interest of the child if custody of the child was awarded to her since the Petitioner is actually a woman. In Respondent's affirmation it is alleged that Petitioner committed acts of domestic violence against her while they lived together and that she feared for the safety of the child. In Respondent's custody petition she stated that the Petitioner was "actually a woman" and therefore the marriage was "invalid". (Cross Petition of JR August 6, 2007). " . . .Read More

Daily Gut: Transgender and Terror by Greg Gutfeld

by Greg Gutfeld

23 October 2009

So a dude at the UN named Martin Scheinin filed a report calling for a trashing of our current counter-terrorism policies. The new plan, he believes, should “abandon the ‘war paradigm’” and “enshrine the principles of gender-equality and non-discrimination…”

Among his odder proposals: rethinking security checks that “focus attention on male bombers who may be dressing as females to avoid scrutiny [and] make transgender persons” – who might also be cross-dressing – “susceptible to increased harassment and suspicion.” . . .Read More

Transgender homecoming queen a first for College

Jessee Vasold ’11 made history at the College of William and Mary Wednesday when ze was announced as the school’s first transgender homecoming queen, representing the Class of 2011.

Vasold identifies as gender-queer and prefers to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns: “ze” in place of he or she and “zir” rather than him or her. Vasold has also created a Facebook account for a female identity, Kathy Middlesex.

Friends suggested that Vasold run for homecoming queen. Even though Vasold thought that there was a good chance at being elected, Vasold said the win was still surprising to hear.

“We figured it would be something different for the school to go through, something that hasn’t happened too often,” Vasold said. “I was kind of surprised that I won because I knew the other girls running. I know that they’re really friendly; they’re wonderful people, so I was unsure.”

This year marks the return of direct voting by students. Last year, there was no platform to host voting, so the homecoming kings and queens were chosen by class officers out of student-submitted nominations. . . .Read More

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bear Pole Dance

A bear doing a little pole dancing. Yeah, that's the spot. . .

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Gender's not high on the "what's important" list for bears. A little pole dancing, however, contributes to a happy life. But bears don't call it that, because labeling stuff's not important for bears. RA

Thursday, October 15, 2009

What is passing for a transgender person?

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Pictured: Josie Romero, the eight-year-old 'sex change girl' who was born a boy

by Sara Nelson

15 October 2009

Josie Romero loves the colour pink, braiding her hair and having her fingernails painted.

But life has not always been easy for this sweet and charming eight-year-old, who was born in the body of a boy.

The transgender youngster, then called Joseph, knew at the age of four that she was the wrong sex and even told her parents: 'I am really a girl.'

At five, she was refusing to have her hair cut and only wore colours like orange which were nearest to girly pink.

By the time she reached six, Josie had been diagnosed as transgender and was beginning her transition to becoming a female.

Mother Venessia, 42, said: 'When she was a toddler, she was always trying to turn her boy toys into girl toys.

'She used to take her army figures, wrap them up and rock them like a baby.

'As she grew older and started to talk, she always said: "I'm a girl". . . .Read More

Transgender Man Posed as 15-Year-Old Boy, Cops Say

Authorities Are Looking at Web site on Pedophiles That May Explain What Motivated Grifter


Oct. 14, 2009

He is known as Jack Stones on his Facebook page, and authorities said he used that alias last Friday when he tried to enroll as a 15-year-old freshman at Marion High School in Illinois.

But by the following Monday, suspicious school officials had called the FBI and learned that Jack was born Jennifer May, and was actually 24-year-old Jack Jay Kaiser, a California woman in the midst of switching her gender to a man.

Today, Kaiser is being held in Williamson County jail on $20,000 bail, charged with lying to officials at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services about his age and about having been abandoned or homeless.

"It's really sketchy," said Marshall Stone, supervisor special agent for the FBI's Springfield, Ill., unit. "We were initially involved because we were concerned if he was a trafficking victim and needed to be identified.". . .Read More

Sex changes for inmates a touchy new therapy

Frisk Policy Revised

Tom Blackwell, National Post, October 15, 2009

The prison guard at a B. C. penitentiary says he tried to be professional and respectful when he frisk-searched an inmate. But the transgendered male prisoner was on the road to becoming female, and the guard soon found himself under investigation for alleged sexual assault, accused of inappropriately touching the man's surgically augmented breasts.

The incident came in the wake of a 2003 court ruling that moved the rights of inmates with "gender-identity disorder" to a new level in the country's federal prisons, directing the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to pay for the sex-change operations of some offenders.

Officials confirmed this week that since then they have funded two "gender reassignment" surgeries, while others have applied to undergo the service. . . .Read More

Uruguay approves sex change bill

13 October 2009

Transsexuals in Uruguay will soon be able to legally register a change of name and gender after the country's senate approved a controversial bill.

The law, which was passed unanimously, is strongly opposed by the Roman Catholic Church and opposition conservatives.

The bill is the latest in a series of liberal measures promoted by the left-wing Uruguayan government.

It will come into force as soon as it is signed by President Tabare Vasquez.

Under the new legislation, transsexuals will be able to change their name on all official documents, from birth certificates to passports, to reflect the gender of their choice. . . .Read More

Survivor revisits her battle of the sexes

October 14, 2009

Transsexual actor Vanessa Van Durme has turned her life story into a critically acclaimed touring show. Raymond Gill reports.

VANESSA Van Durme is a tall, 60-something woman of handsome looks and slightly imposing manner who comes across as an amalgam of Vanessa Redgrave and Germaine Greer, though somewhat warmer.

Like those two redoubtable leaders of public life, the Belgian performer tours the world's stages holding forth before adoring audiences. But unlike the British actress and the Australian intellectual, Van Durme tells a story that is at once dramatic, deeply personal and a reflection of how Western mores have changed in the past 30 years.

Van Durme was born a man, changed her sex in 1975 and, after 15 years working as a prostitute, returned to her early vocation as theatre performer and writer.

In Australia, on her first visit to present Look Mummy I'm Dancing for the Melbourne Festival, Van Durme tells that story in her one-woman show, which opened last night at the Arts Centre's Fairfax Studio for six performances. . . .Read More

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cobb teen told he can't dress like a female at school

by Alexis Stevens

October 6, 2009

Jonathan Escobar says he chooses to wear clothes that express himself. Skinny jeans, wigs, "vintage" clothing and makeup are the staples of his wardrobe.

"I don't consider myself a cross-dresser," he said. "This is just who I am."

But the 16-year-old says an assistant principal at North Cobb High School told him last week he needed to dress more "manly" for school, or consider being home-schooled. He had only been a student at the school for three days.

"I told myself I can't accept this," said Escobar, who wore a pink wig to school last Wednesday.

Escobar said the assistant principal told him his style of dress had caused a fight between students at the school. Two days later, he withdrew himself from the Kennesaw school. . . .Read More

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Kate Bornstein Speaking at the 40th Reunion of the Class of '69, Brown University

My 7 minutes on a panel of selected luminaries from the Class of 1969, Brown University. Memorial Day Weekend, 2009. I'm 61 years old, younger than most of the 200 classmates and their families in the room. The "John" I joke about having had a fling with is John Rizzo, Acting General Consul for the CIA. The "Ira" I further joke about is Ira Magaziner, chairman of the William J. Clinton Foundation's international development initiatives. My partner, Barbara Carrellas, flipped the video.

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Jude Law plays transsexual in 'Rage'

September 27, 2009

by Kelvin Lynch

Jude Law underwent perhaps the most startling onscreen transformation ever for the new Sally Potter movie, Rage.

According to People, Law convincingly plays a sultry Russian transsexual named Minx and is "virtually unrecognizable in a black wig, black strapless dress, scarlet lipstick and smoky eye shadow." . . .Read More

Transgender coeducation: Smith is more than just a women's College

by Alexandra Bregman


Smith is not a women's college. The confines of the gender binary are constantly blurred and redefined, as we educate one another on pronoun usage, testosterone injections and the day-to-day tribulations of what it means to be in transition. The transsexual, transgender and gender queer populations of Smith College are valid and flourishing, whether they make it onto the "I Am Smith" Web page or not. In an age where single-sex education is a niche market and a deep source of pride at Smith College, the transient population and all forms of masculinity on campus simply must be addressed.

To be questioning gender at Smith is dually more and less difficult than at other educational institutions. On the one hand, Smith will always be reputed as a prestigious women's college. A female-to-male transgender student - F to M, also called M to M to avoid association with feminine traits altogether - will always have to deal with a well-known women's college on his transcript and the questions and judgments that inevitably follow. No matter how accepting, "trannies" fear that peers and potential employers will treat them differently. . . .Read More

Monica Helms, transsexual Navy veteran

‘There were a lot of things that got in the way of me realizing what I was’

by Patrick Saunders


Editor’s note: First Person is a series of commentaries that give voice to those not commonly heard in Atlanta media.

After growing up a “typical boy,” marrying “the one” and fathering two children, Monica Helms finally acted on a lifelong desire to become a woman.

Sometime around the age of 4 or 5, I knew something was different about me. I was raised Catholic and you’re supposed to pray to God for things. So I prayed to God to turn me into a girl. I finally got to do it 41 years later, so I guess for God that’s like overnight delivery.

Several things slowed down my process of becoming a woman. I was the typical boy. I can honestly say that I was a tomboy in a boy’s body. I had loving parents and we always did things together, so I didn’t have time for a lot of introspective thinking. And I was the oldest child, so I didn’t have an older sister to emulate or to be jealous of. I was always attracted to women, so that was another part that didn’t clue me in. So there were a lot of things that got in the way of me realizing what I was. . . .Read More

Upcoming Film Follows a Transsexual's Ordination Journey

By Lillian Kwon

October 4, 2009

The journey of a transsexual woman seeking ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has been documented on film, which is set to release next year.

"Thy Will Be Done: A Transsexual Woman's Journey Through Family and Faith" follows Sara Herwig, who transitioned from male to female and is seeking to "fulfill God's call."

In conveying Herwig's personal story, the documentary reveals the complex nature of the issue as faith groups, mainly the PC(USA), struggle to interpret their established policies and Scripture with regard to transsexualism.

Herwig began to pursue her call to ministry in 2001, seven years after switching from "Steve" to "Sara" – complete with a surgical procedure.

Before the transition, however, Herwig divorced his then wife Billie Preston with whom he had a daughter. . . .Read More

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lauren Harries . . . on This Morning September 21st 2009

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Gender Blender

New law aside, straddling the sexes can be a bitch

24 September 2009

by Anthony Lane

Despite three metal studs protruding from his lower lip, Nico Valenzuela casts an unimposing figure. Standing 4-foot-10, the 18-year-old has a wispy frame, gentle brown eyes and rounded features that he admits give him a "baby face."

"I look like a 12-year-old," he says blandly.

Another obstacle to projecting a tough, or even masculine, image is Nico's voice. He speaks softly, almost like whispering, and his voice registers in the tonal range of a middle-school girl.

"I feel like I've always been a boy," he says, "but my body isn't like that."

Born Erika Valenzuela, Nico tried last year, as a senior at Ellicott High School in eastern El Paso County, to set matters right. Buoyed by a new state law barring discrimination in public places based on sexual orientation or transgender status, Nico asked to be called by his chosen name and referred to with masculine pronouns. As a member of the cheerleading squad, he asked that he be allowed to perform in pants rather than the skirt that made him feel like an impostor. . . .Read More

Intersex God/dess

30 September 2009

Carnal San Francisco

News flash: The world's newest celebrity is – yes! - a hermaphrodite! It was announced that world-class South African athlete Caster Semenya has ambiguous gender characteristics.

OK, technically, she doesn't have genitalia for “both” sexes, which is the most accurate definition of the word that applies. And true, it's not a scientific term nor a politically correct term, nor is it preferred by those with DSD (disorders of sex development) or an intersex condition. Some prefer to be called Intersex and don't want to be called DSD. And others prefer DSD and don't like Intersex. And of course, some are proud to be hermaphrodites and have plastered their pictures all over the Internet.

It reminds one of the days of reclaiming queer versus gay, and wimmin—or was it womyn?—choosing dyke over lesbian. And yes, it's confusing. For all of us. While they're sorting it out, let me tell you how truly divine sexual ambiguity has been for lo, these many millennia.

Starting with Hermaphroditus himself, of course, we find the source of the questionable terminology. The son of Hermes and Aphrodite, the Greek pantheon's archetypal male and female, he was quite the handsome youth, as you might expect. Wandering in the forest, he found the pond of Salmaci, a water nymph. She tried to seduce him, and as is so often the case in Greek mythology when the female is doing the seducing, he refused her. When he thought she had left, he took off his clothes and went for a swim in the pond. . . .Read More

CIGNA Cardiologist Rebecca Allison, M.D., Becomes President of Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

30 September 2009

CIGNA is Diamond Sponsor of GLMA’s 27th Annual Conference

BLOOMFIELD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--When the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) meets this week in Washington, D.C., for its 27th annual conference, CIGNA cardiologist Rebecca (Becky) Allison will become the organization’s president after serving as president-elect for the past year. CIGNA (NYSE: CI) is the top-level Diamond sponsor of this year’s conference, which the GLMA calls the world's largest scientific meeting focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender health.

Dr. Allison holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, and she earned her medical degree magna cum laude from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson. She completed postgraduate training at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, and also at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Dr. Allison is board certified in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases and she’s a Fellow of the American College of Physicians and the American College of Cardiology.

“CIGNA's mission is to improve the health and well-being of the people we serve, and that means all of the people we serve, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Dr. Jeff Kang, CIGNA's chief medical officer. “Becky Allison is not only an outstanding physician, she’s also completely dedicated to improving the health of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, and I congratulate her on becoming GLMA president.”. . .Read More

Monday, September 21, 2009

24/7 Crossdressing: Being Accepted by Other Women

I talk about my time as a woman, and discuss being accepted by straight women.

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"I'm Britain's oldest transsexual," says ex-coal miner, 75

14 September 2009

by Daily Mail Reporter

A former coal miner who spent half a century secretly dressing as a woman has 'come out' as Britain's oldest transsexual.

By day, Roy Colton, 75, worked alongside his burly colleagues down the pit - but at night he donned his sister's dresses and dreamed about changing sex.

He began taking female hormones 10 years ago, but it was only in 2004 that Roy - whose three wives had divorced him because of his cross-dressing - felt safe enough to change his name to Rachel and start living as a woman in public. . . .Read More

Parents' anger over trans girl

September 18, 2009

by Adam Lake

A 12-year-old pupil is set to become one of the youngest people to transition in the world after her parents decided to allow her to return to school as a girl.

She was born male but if her parents and doctors agree then the 12-year-old may be the youngest person in the UK to undergo gender reassignment.

German Kim Petras – born Tim – became youngest person in the world to transition at 16 earlier this year.

The pupil, who has not returned to school since the story broke, was well-known among pupils and staff for her desire to live as a girl.

According to the Sun, pupils were ushered into an 'emergency assembly' and informed: "You may notice one pupil is not present in this assembly – that is because the pupil is now a girl.". . .Read More