Monday, September 29, 2008

Transgender Teen

Ben Briscoe talks to former headline maker, Rochelle Evans.   Dallasvoice

TransGender Michigan's Crandall awarded by Michigan Bar Association

by Jessica Carreras

September 25, 2008

On Sept. 17, TransGender Michigan Executive Director and co-founder Rachel Crandall was presented with the Michigan Bar Association's Liberty Bell Award at a ceremony at the Hyatt Regency of Dearborn.

Nominated by the Stonewall Bar Association, Crandall was presented with the award for her dedicated work over the past ten years advocating for the understanding of and equal rights for the transgender community. The organization was started after Crandall lost her job, marriage, home and friends after coming out as transgender.

"I am very flattered to be receiving this award and i still can't quite believe it," she said at the ceremony. "When i came out as a transsexual woman, I lost almost everything in my life. I lost my marriage, I lost my job, I lost my house - I lost almost everything. Unfortunately, that is happening over and over to many people in my community and in the overall LGBT community." . . .Read More

Transgender people don't even exist under the law


It was February 1998 when the first sexual orientation anti-discrimination bill was brought before Delaware lawmakers. It and five subsequent such bills over the ensuing decade have failed to become law. The first two bills were voted down; the last four were the victims of two hostile Senate presidents pro tem and their use of the anti-democratic "desk-draw veto."

Even more unjust than ignoring the workplace needs and other rights of their gay constituents, our lawmakers have never even considered the civil rights of transgender Delawareans. There is no law in the Delaware Code nor has there ever been a bill seeking to protect these citizens.

While sexual orientation is at least addressed in hate crimes law, gender identity is not. Not only are transgender Delawareans mostly invisible in public discourse, as far as Delaware law is concerned, they do not exist as such. . . .Read More

Changes To Restroom Signs At Manchester Student Union Building For Transgender People

September 29, 2008

Amy Beeman - AHN

Manchester, England (AHN) -- The toilets in the basement of the student union building at the University of Manchester will get something new in the name of political correctness, posting signs on the restroom doors that say "toilets with urinals," and "toilets."

The signs are simply stuck over the universal symbol of a male, with his pant legs and a female, with the traditional triangular dress. This way, they say, transgender people will be able to choose which restroom to use with out feeling obligated to comply to being a gender they do not identify with. . . .Read More