Monday, October 06, 2008

Kids of Transgender Parents

"This is an interview with Monica from COLAGE. She explains their Kids of Trans program - very exciting stuff."

Transgender Candidate Who Ran as Woman Did Not Mislead Voters, Court Says

October 6, 2008

ATLANTA — The Georgia Supreme Court ruled Monday that a transgender politician did not mislead voters by running for office as a woman.

The court dismissed a lawsuit filed by two opponents of the politician, Michelle Bruce, who was born Michael Bruce, that said she disguised her sex while seeking re-election last year in Riverdale, Ga.

“This is a great victory for me and anyone who believes in equality,” Ms. Bruce said in a statement. “It gives me hope that the Georgia Supreme Court did what was right and did not buy into hate-based politics.”

Ms. Bruce, the first openly transgender politician in Georgia, served on the Riverdale Council for four years before losing her re-election bid in a runoff last year. Two of her opponents, Georgia Fuller and Stan Harris, who also lost, filed the lawsuit to request another election. . . .Read More

New TV shows hit the spot

by Nestor Torre
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—“Taboo” on the National Geographic Channel makes for an absorbing viewing experience, because it blows the lid off some really controversial beliefs and practices. Other shows also tackle controversy, but “Taboo” is generally more detailed and avoids shock tactics for shock value’s sake.

Last week, the edgy weekly series’ episode, “Gender Benders,” focused on the growing transsexual trend, with males transforming themselves medically into women, and vice-versa.

The documentary eschewed ethical or religious norms, and concentrated on the physical and psychological effects of sex change.


In the process, it revealed that in Thailand alone, the transsexual population count has reached over 100,000. Granted, most of them are “showgirls” or female impersonators, so they can’t be said to have moved into mainstream society.

Arresting images offered by the production included two couples who turned out to be cross-gender “adventurers”—in both directions: The males turned out to have been originally female, while their now female spouses were once men! . . .Read More

Living on the front line

The transsexual’s story

By Alison Bracken

October 2008

“I left in 1999 and went illegally first to Mexico and then to the US. I was in the closet when I left and the economic situation was bad. I was begging for food in Mexico. Eventually I ended up in Dallas, homeless and living in the Salvation Army’s shelter. Then I met another transsexual. She helped me get some work selling myself on the corner. Then I began going to nightclubs and picking up men and going to their apartment to have sex with them for money. I saw everyone else with cars and TVs, I wanted that and pretty soon I had it.

“Then I met a Mexican guy in a bar and we got an apartment together and he became my boyfriend. He had a wife and kids he was supporting in Mexico too. He sold cocaine. He started giving me $20 packages of coke to sell. One night, these undercover police came into the bar where I was working and asked me to get them some cocaine. I got them a little. Then they came back the next week and asked for an ounce. So I called my boyfriend and next thing you know, I’ve been busted for delivery of a controlled substance even though I only made a phone call. I spent two and a half years in jail. I took every class you can do, learnt English. I had a German boyfriend. . . .Read More

"Sex Change Hospital"

by  Karla Scoon Reid

Karla Scoon Reid

Tuesdays at 11 p.m. on WETV

Episode: "Episode 101" which airs Oct. 14

"Sex Change Hospital" easily could have exploited people in the guise of informing or entertaining television viewers.

Instead, this six-part series airing on WETV, is a real-life medical and family drama which primarily focuses on the emotional transformations of people seeking to find peace within their own bodies.
The show follows Dr. Marci Bowers who oversees sex change operations in Trinidad, Colo., the so-called 'sex change capital of the world.'

Dr. Bowers, who was once a man, is an understanding surgeon who shares her personal story along with the medical challenges involved in transforming a man to a woman and a woman to a man. While there strong warnings about this show's content, most of the surgery is concealed with blurry camera shots. . . .Read More

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