Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Short Film: "Escaping his home-town that completely rejected him, alone, Vincent
goes to Paris to be entirely Herself, but life is never that simple. . ."

Tilda Swinton in W Magazine September 2008

Looking one moment like a Park Avenue matron and the next like a punked-out artist, Tilda Swinton is doing what she commonly does when she alights in a city from her home in the Scottish Highlands: gallery hopping.

But on this particular weekend in New York’s Chelsea, she is portraying an assortment of über New York women for photographer Juergen Teller. Inside Barbara Gladstone’s gallery, wearing seven-inch stilettos and a silk miniskirt, she gets down on the floor and raises herself into a shoulder stand, jackknifing her legs so that they dangle precipitously. At Andrea Rosen, her 5-foot-11-inch frame skyrocketing another 10 inches atop platform wedges, she pokes her head between the hairy legs of one of David Altmejd’s colossal sculptures of giants.

The next day, as the shoot winds down in a SoHo loft, Teller asks Swinton to play herself. “Do you want me as I am?” she asks, running her fingers through her styled red hair and across her blushed cheeks. “Because this isn’t how I look.” Without waiting for a reply, she walks over to the bathroom, scrubs the makeup off and dunks her head under the faucet, letting the cold water run over her face and ears until they’re pink. Teller snaps away in close-up as Swinton turns toward him, her head in the sink, caring not a whit that the bright, unforgiving afternoon light is streaming through the window. . . .

. . .
Her status as a style icon has also been helped along by Stafford, her sounding board in all fashion matters. “She’s always been interested in ambiguity, transformation, transgender,” he says. “Clothes are an extension of this. She loves taking the idea of a lady and just twisting it on its head. It’s Nancy Mitford meets David Bowie.” . . .Read More

London Transgender Film Festival announced

By Rachel Charman • August 12, 2008

2008 London Transgender Film Festival will take place at Ritzy Picturehouse, 7th-9th November.

Organisers describe the festival as ‘Independent, experimental, cutting edge and diverse.'

They hope to 'increase trans visibility and acknowledgement, question the gender binary, to dispel ignorance and demystify stereotypes, unite and support a diverse LGBTQI community and celebrate trans spaces and their friends.'

The films featured are to represent and focus on intersex, androgyny, gender variance, trans feminists, gender queer, and gender fluid persons of all natures, all races and cultures, ages and abilities.

As well as film screenings, the festival will include an exhibition, workshops, and a panel with special guests. . . .Read More

Issues & Risks Transgender People Face

August 12, 2008

MyFOX Colorado

DENVER (MyFOXColorado.com) - Imagine living your life as a man physically, but you are a woman emotionally and psychologically.

It's what drives some to undergo a transformation so they can live as the gender they identify with. . .but they also take on great risk.

The TransgenderSoul organization provides information and resources for persons interested in learning more about transgender and transsexual issues. . .Read More

New Rocky Horror film

Qwen Gibson

August 13, 2008

More than 30 years after they introduced the public to a "sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania", the makers of The Rocky Horror Picture Show have reunited to do the time warp one more time.

Sky Movies yesterday confirmed it would co-finance a remake of the cult 1975 musical starring Tim Curry that still draws a full house of fans dressed as characters from the film to late night screenings. The original kitsch parody of science fiction and horror, which cost $1.2m (£630,000) to make and has taken more than $140m at the box office, is the longest running cinematic theatrical release of all time. The new version, financed by Sky and MTV in the US, will be overseen by the original film's executive producer, Lou Adler. . . .Read More