Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Natural Transitioning: EXERCISES (Part One)

The founder of TransAmerica Tristan Skye provides EXERCISES part one **(I had just trained for over an hour so forgive my lack of energy in this one guys)** -- also, make sure to read Tristan's blogs, they detail out everything on supplements, testosterone, weight training and pretty much everything else to help answer at least 90% of your questions. Also, Chef Franky has blog on TransAmerica of testosterone boosting recipes. Can I just say...ROCK ON?!?!

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Transsexuals can now be admitted into the Spanish armed forces

By h.b. - Mar 6, 2009

The recent case of a 29 year old transsexual from Jaén has highlighted the matter in Spain

Spanish Minister for Defence, Carme Chacón, has kept her word and changed the law so that transsexuals can be accepted in the armed forces in Spain.

The changes needed in medical admission procedures were approved on Monday, and became law when they were printed in the Official State Bulletin on Wednesday. . . .Read More

Stanford Medical Students Want to Help Gay Patients Be Comfortably ‘Out’ in Doctor’s Office

10 Mar 2009

Stanford University Medical Center

STANFORD, Calif. - (Business Wire) Every time he goes to a new doctor, Mitchell Lunn faces the question anew: Should he tell his doctor he’s gay?

“The question always comes up,” said Lunn, 27, a medical student from North Dakota at the Stanford University School of Medicine. “Do I want to come out or not?” This hesitancy is common with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender patients when meeting with a doctor for the first time. Often they’re scared away by homophobic comments, or simply by a basic lack of knowledge on the part of their doctor as to their unique health care concerns.

“The fear of insensitivity from their doctor has driven many patients away,” Lunn said. “Sometimes never to return.”

In an effort to continue the ongoing struggle of LGBT health activists to get adequate training of medical students on the unique health care needs within their community, a group of four Stanford medical students including Lunn have organized their own on-campus research group, called the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Medical Education Research Group.

In the spring, the group will send out surveys to the deans of medical education at schools in the United States and Canada to determine what is being taught, before moving forward with recommended improvements.

“Right now, it’s just not known exactly what is being taught in medical schools,” Lunn said. “We have a little bit of content at Stanford, which is good. But nobody knows for sure about what other schools are teaching.”. . .Read More

Transgender, and Looking for Work...During A Recession


by Michael Lamb

The civil rights movement is constantly evolving. This past century saw advances among women, African Americans and even Gays and Lesbians. These groups are still fighting for equality in many ways and with each step towards acceptance; the “fear of difference” slowly ebbs from the human psyche. Part of their success is due to the concept of promoting an understanding of a group’s differences, challenges and similarities as key to forming a positive perception by the majority.

Although the transgender community is embraced by many LGBT organizations, their outreach to be understood has not been as progressive as Gay and Lesbian voices.The plight of the transgender community still struggles with acceptance and may be years behind.

Stephanie Dykes, a male to female transsexual, seeks to join the ranks of other transgender activists, like Donna Rose and Jamison Green by coming out of her closet. After working as a market research professional spanning the past 13 years, Dykes was displaced this past October from Wachovia and is now facing what many Americans are now struggling with: a job search.

In addition to continuing her pursuit of another market research position, Dykes has opted to make her gender identity public by speaking to the media and offering herself as a consultant and speaker to progressive companies and like-minded organizations on transgender issues in the workplace. Among the many topics she offers is “Transgender 101.”

Although she counsels a cautionary path of tempered disclosure to her peers, Dykes is going public to advance the outlook on the trans community and possibly land herself another market research opportunity at the same time.

ECHELON – What prompted you to come out and tell your story? . . .Read More